About Us

Our names are Simon, Edward, Lorri and Murray

Our intentions

We love YouTube and Photography, our intention is to create a site where we can help people starting out on YouTube, ​and provide interesting tips.

We have many pages on cameras, what equipment to use and we will be introducing more and more info and cool stuff that our friends are working on including great tips for different types of filming techniques. 

Don't hold it against us

We have so much cool content to share but it takes time to create articles as this is a an unpaid passion project for us. Forgive us for any spelling errors or glitches in the website, this is one of the first websites we have ever made and we are learning as we go. 

It would help us a lot if you could share our site with any person you know who is starting off with YouTube

Get featured

We welcome anyone who wants to add interesting  or informative content and be featured on our site, we would give you full recognition. Feel free to get in touch, email admin@vlogginghero.com.

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Send us a message

Any questions please send a message via admin@vlogginghero.com or fill in you details below when I can pass offers and new products to you.