Best Underwater cameras for fishing vloggers

We all love sharing our fishing expenditures. But the real encounter takes place under the water. That is where everything unfolds! The chase, the struggle, and the strike are all hidden deep beneath the water.  

To capture quality action under the water, you will need to invest in very high-quality underwater cameras. But no worries! You are in the right place. We reviewed tons of underwater cameras and compiled a list of the best choices for use in recording videos in different fishing adventures.

Over Overview: Top Pick

After reviewing the options, the Moocor Portable Fish Finder LQ-3505D is the best underwater camera for fishing vloggers.

Cameras for Ice Fishing

The Marcum RC5P Recon 5 camera

Marcum RC5P Recon 5 Plus

If you are planning to record a fishing expedition in salty icy waters, you could consider looking for a Marcum RC5P Recon 5 underwater camera. It has some of the best features for Ice Fishing vlogging.

It comes with a 15inch flat panel widescreen for streaming the video as it is being recorded, which is great because it enables you to analyze the quality of the video before you are through with your ice fishing.

It also comes with a 50-foot camera cable, which enables you to cover a wider area and depth. At first, I feared the cable may get damaged by the ice layer on the lake surface, but I was flabbergasted that the quality of the transmitted video was not affected at all.

The Marcum RC5P Recon 5 camera

The camera uses a CMOS sensor, Infrared lighting and dark water LED, all of which give the camera the ability to produce super quality videos. I was amazed by the clarity of videos even in the low light frozen lake waters.

Its field of view is limited to 90 degrees though it comes with an added feature of color kill making the images very clear and distinct.

Also, if you like, you can adjust the display, the brightness and contrast sharpness of the video.

Another amazing feature of the Marcum RC5P Recon 5 is its runtime. You can record continuously for a whole 6 hours without worrying about power, thanks to the Lithium-ion battery.

Marcum also have another great camera, the Marcum Quest HD, perfect for Ice fishing, I’ll let you make up your own mind. 

The Moocor Portable Fish Finder LQ-3505D Camera

Moocor Underwater Fishing Camera

The Moocor Portable Fish Finder LQ-3505D is one of the smallest fishing cameras you may come around; which makes it easy to carry around when going for a fishing expedition especially in icy waters. It comes with an attachable fin which has two holes where weights are attached to help in dropping the camera deep into the water since the camera is light and on itself, it may not go deep enough.

It also comes with a 3.5 inches LED screen that provides good clarity for a previewing the video. And on the sides of the screen, there are large control buttons so as to make it easy to press with gloves in case you are using the camera in winter.

The camera has a 15 meter cold resistant and anti-pressing camera cable for relaying the video from the camera to the screen and for storage in the SD card. The fact that the cable is cold resistant makes the camera a good choice for ice fishing.

It uses a CMOS digital image sensor and infrared LED light. I found out that there were more catches when using the Moocor Portable Fish Finder LQ-3505D at night compared to when using cameras that use other forms of light other than the infrared.

Fishing Camera LED Infrared Light

The infrared doesn’t scare away the fish like the other types of LED light. Plus the infrared makes it possible to record even in very dark waters.

It has a battery life of 10 hours, which mean you can continuously record for 10 hours.

Fishing lure cameras

The GoPro HD HERO2 camera

GoPro Fishing Camera

The GoPro HD HERO2 camera is a compact fishing lure camera. It works best with artificial fishing lures.

To use the camera, you will need to drill a hole on the fish lure just near the hook to the line and screw the camera, which is put in a watertight housing, to the lure.

You have to ensure that the camera has a good view of the lure in a way that it will capture any oncoming fish and clearly capture its movements as it bites the lure. This is not a hard thing given the fact that the camera has a maximum view angle of1700. Then, attach the lure to the fishing line and cast it into the water to catch the action.

GoPro Hero 2 for fishing

The camera can operate at a maximum depth of 197, which makes it ideal for capturing the action when capturing bigger sea fish types that stay deep under the water.It has an inbuilt memory where you should insert your SD memory card before setting up for video capturing.

The captured videos are stored in the memory card and retrieved when the action is over and the camera is retrieved. However, it is also compatible with Wi-Fi BacPacTM and Wi-Fi RemoteTM and finds it extremely helpful when I want to review the quality of videos that I am shooting on my smartphone.

Also, the quality of the videos is just great. It can record up to a maximum quality of 1080p HD video. We enjoyed reading and looking at COD cam type articles on using the GoPro, there is something really fun about it.

Camera that attaches to your fishing line

The GoFish Camera

GoFish Cam

The Gofish works best for capturing action in deep water fishing when cast fishing, troll fishing, bottom fishing, or float fishing. It can go to a maximum of 500 feet below the water surface since it is wireless.

It attaches to your fishing line just above the fishing lure with its lens pointing at the lure. The line is then cast into the water normally.

When using other cameras, it was difficult to analyze specifically how different fish react to certain lures and how they react when caught. However, when I started using GoFish, I have learned a lot about how different types and sizes of fish react to different lures and it has helped me when choosing the kind of lure to use.

The camera links to a mobile app and transmits all the action to the phone wirelessly for storage or social media sharing. Actually, this is what makes me love this camera most. I can upload my fishing vlogs immediately.

GoFish Cam - The Wireless Underwater Fishing Camera

Also, the fact that it is wireless makes it able to record the action way below the water surface to a maximum depth of 500 feet.

It also has night vision green LED lights for deep water and night fishing recording. What amazes me most is its ability to maintain 1080p HD video quality even in such times.

It has a stabilized Hydrodynamic shape design that makes sure that it attains a steady recording when casting, strolling, and floating or bottom fishing. When pulling the line at a high speed the camera just moves along well and is able to capture quality videos.

In addition, it has a very tough military armour casing which enables it to withstand the pressure at deep sea.

Camera that attaches to your fishing pole

The FishEyes Underwater Camera Fishing Reel

Fuzion Fish Eyes Rod and Reel

If you are tired of having to assemble your fishing camera every time you want to shot a video, you could try the FishEyes Underwater Camera Fishing Reel.

The FishEyes Underwater Camera Fishing Reel is a special compact fishing pole camera that integrates a modern fishing reel with an underwater camera system. The camera screen is permanently fitted on the fishing reel while the camera itself is attached on the fishing line and it can be reeled up and down the water.

It comes with a bait basket, which is attached below the camera to give the camera a good view of the fish as it approaches. I had a hard time checking out the best fishing places, but once I acquired the FishEyes Underwater Camera, everything changed. Now I only reel the camera into the water with the bait basket attached and see if there are lots of fish down there or not. If the fish is there I can stop and fish and if there is nothing I simply move to another spot. I also found it quite helpful in analyzing the average size of fish in an area so as to choose the fishing hook and bait wisely.

It has a 25-foot camera cable which is enough to capture the action when catching common fish like trout. And the fishing reel is made of high strength polymer making it strong enough to reel up averagely sized fish.

Also, the camera screen is protected from the sun rays by a detachable sun shade which makes it an ideal choice for fishing in sunny weather.

detachable sun shade
Source: Toy, Gadget and Product Reviews by Dad Does

Further still, the handle has a cool agronomic easy grip handle that gives you the exact grip you require when reeling slightly larger fish.

The Top Choice

After taking all of the factors into account when it comes to underwater filming, the Moocor Portable Fish Finder LQ-3505D has to be the best choice for me.

Here’s why it’s my number one.

  • Well built and durable
  • HD monitor
  • A strong cable
  • Easy to use

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