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​The best vloggers use cameras with external microphones, if you want people to keep listening and come back to your channel make sure you have good mic!

clip on mic for interview vlogs

If you are at the stage where you are wanting bring your video standard to the next level then there’s no point in investing a bomb in a high-end DSLR and not getting a good microphone to go with it. If you are truly looking to become a successful YouTuber, today is the time to buy that microphone. 

The Best External Microphones for your Camera

There are hundreds of different models of microphone available in the market. So, to make your job easier, we have divided this vlogging microphone guide into 3 parts

This way you can select the best one that not only suits your vlogging needs but also is compatible with your Camera. However, let us first learn why you need to stop using your Canon camera’s in-built microphone before more damage is done – to both your reputation as a vlogger and the quality of your future YouTube videos.

Best Microphones for Different Types YouTube Channels

additional mics for vlog cameras

It's best to select an external microphone based on the type of vlogging that you do. Following are the 12 best external microphones, listed basis the type of vlogging they are most suitable for. Once you pick your selection, move down and check out its review.

The External Lav Mic (clip-on) 

For interviews, talk shows, how-to Videos, DIYs, beauty tips, fashion vlogs, tutorials, courses, documentaries, speech, and product review vlogs, game reviews, you should use lapel/lavalier external microphones:

Important Note: The audio jack connection may have either 2 black lines or 3 black lines. 2 black lines is for Camera inputs and the 3 black line is for Smartphone inputs, all explained below. - Click Here  to jump to that section

Miracle Sound Delux - The Cheap Lav ​Mic 

Giant Squid Audio Lab - Lav Mic Under $50

Lavier microphone canon cameras

The Shotgun External Microphone

For adventure, travel, lifestyle, fashion, health, and live-action vlogs; prank videos, product reviews, video lists, comedy web series, use shotgun external microphones:

Our #1 Choice - Rode Video Mic Pro

Video mic pro Camera Mic input

Cheap Shotgun Microphone - Takstar

cheap shotgun microphones for mounting

Alternative Slim Shotgun Microphone - Audio Technica

Slim mic for infront of camera

Portable Handheld Microphones 

For podcasting, journalism, prank videos, comedy, parody videos, music production, and broadcasting, use dedicated portable recording devices:

Podcast and Desk Microphones 

For video game and anime commentary, gaming, computer tutorials, game reviews, selfie videos, beauty vlogs, talking, and home videos, use desk external microphones:

Microphone Reviews

additional mics for vlog cameras

We have narrowed down four major types of microphones that you will come across while hunting for the perfect one for your vlogging purpose. Most of these are multifunctional and can be used for different types of vlogging – from video game commentary to interviews and podcasts to beauty and DIY vlogs to prank videos.

Lapel/Lav Vlogging Microphones

You can clip this tiny piece on the lapel of your shirt or your sleeve and forget about sound problems. Interviews and DIY videos are types of vlogging which involves you (and your co-vlogger) standing/sitting somewhere talking to the camera.

For those types of vlogging, what you need is a dedicated microphone that captures your speech efficiently without pulling the noise coming from outside your setup. And nothing works better than a lapel/lavalier/clip-on vlogging microphone.

These are very useful for interviews and documentaries where the person talking can quickly wear the lapel mic and start. Following are our top three selections:

1. Miracle Sound Deluxe

One of the cheapest options out there, this omnidirectional lavalier microphone is your best bet if you are on a budget. Just plug it into your Samsung smartphone, iPhone, or tablet’s audio jack and start recording they sync it up with your recording software. Since it is inexpensive, as you can imagine the quality of the audio output is pretty average.

2. Giant Squid Audio Lab

If you are not on a budget, we cannot recommend you the Giant Squid. It is the best lavalier external microphone for vlogging in the market right now, and has been in that position for years. Experts both online and offline recommend this like they recommend the PowerShot G7 X for vlogging. It is a professional microphone used by filmmakers and top-tier journalists, and delivers impeccable quality with great bass and well-rounded sound. So, if you are really looking to put Jay-Z’s music streaming service to shame, then the Giant Squid will help you.

Audio-Technica ATR3350

External video accessories

If you are someone who is looking for a plug-and-play external microphone without extra baggage, we recommend this Audio Technica model. It’s a brilliant mono-stereo piece that is a bang for your bucks, especially because it’s cheaper than the Giant Squid. This is what most vloggers prefer because it gives them professional-quality audio at a very good price.

In terms of audio quality and buying a microphone that you will consistently be happy with the results, Rode Mics are amazing, good quality at a mid-range affordable price.  Good cord length, the clip works well, you get a nice baggy for your mic, it is a great product. 

Shotgun Microphone

This is a basically a slender rod that captures sound hitting its front part. Suitable for most types of vlogging, this one of the most popular external microphones as it subdues ambient noise.

These are our top three selections:

Rode VMGO VideoMic GO

Audio shotgun

The think that really sold it for me was when, this is recommended for vloggers who have digital cameras with hot shoe support. The biggest advantage is that you do not need batteries to run it. 

Pro Tip – Rode has a lot of options when it comes to external microphones. Make sure you check all its models (like the Rode VideoMic PRO) before making the final decision.

Audio-Technica ATR6550

Another Audio-Technica product in this list, this one is a real champion when it comes to suppressing ambient noise. If you are a lifestyle vlogger who travels a lot, then getting the ATR6550 will solve all your audio recording problems. With useful settings that you can play with and an advanced condenser module, this one is a good bet for digital camera users.


cheap shotgun microphones for mounting

The best cheap shotgun microphone in this list, this TAKSTAR model has great sound quality with a decent line level, is well-designed, easy setup, and easier to use. If you are a DIY or beauty vlogger, then this should be on your Amazon wishlist along with all those great stuffs that PopSugar made you buy.

Handheld Portable Microphone

If you have already invested on a camera (say a Sony A6000, for example) that does not support external mic, thank this type. You can use this to capture audio while your camera does the video part. Simple! It is used by journalists around the world on an hourly basis (no kidding).

These are our top three selections:

Zoom H1 Handy

Zoom handheld mic

An article about the best external microphones for vlogging will never be complete without a mention of Zoom H1 Handy. It captures stereo sound like Freddie Mercury sings his ballads – so accurate and so pure, there’s no way you cannot fall in love with its powerful recorder, long battery life, memory card support, volume controls, and even a track marker. If cost is not an issue for you and you are an adventure vlogger who sometimes uses a GoPro, the Zoom H1 should already be in your Amazon cart. Just hit “Buy” now!


handheld voice recorder

On the same price range is this TASCAM model that is superior to the Zoom H1 when it comes to features. In addition to the ability to record audio in MP3 or WAV format, it has easy two-button operation, various playback modes, and a peak limiter so that your recording never goes too loud. If you prefer a model which you can customize a lot, then we would recommend to go with TASCAM TR-05.

Zoom H4N PRO

the best microphone

Another Zoom model in this list, this one is almost double the price but comes with an extra set of features. It has two XLR inputs (automatically putting it in the professional ring), can record 4 tracks simultaneously, and is more heavy duty.

Desk/Voiceover Microphone

If you are a fan of PewDiePie, you must already know that he uses this type of external microphone to do all his commentary – be it about that new video game or about some risqué subreddits. Looking like a near cousin of the ubiquitous webcam, this one behaves much like how a webcam works, but for audio.

Our top three selections are:

Blue Snowball USB

video recording for youtube

This is our top pick for the best desk external microphone for vlogging. It is reasonably priced, records directly into your PC through USB, has two modes for better capturing, and is even available in different colors.

Blue Yeti

desk voice recorder

Those who do not like the Snowball go with the Yeti. It’s like the Windows OS of desk external microphones, and is capable of recording high-quality audio, is sensitive, has four different modes, and has controls for mute and volume. No wonder it is slightly higher priced than the Snowball.


Podcast mic voice recorder

Most users look for compatibility with all major devices, and that’s where this Rode model comes in. Suitable for users using Windows PC, Macbook Pro, and even iPad, the Rode NT-USB also has a pop filter which you can use to filter out unwanted sounds. The complementary headphone jack is why most users prefer this over other models because you can monitor your voice while recording.

Best External Microphones for Different Types of Cameras

While we have gone through all major types of external microphones, you can optionally narrow down your selection further by checking the compatibility of these models with your cameras.

For DSLRs with hot shoe /Shotgun Mics 

  1. Rode VMGO VideoMic GO
  2. Audio-Technica ATR6550
  3. TAKSTAR SGC-598
For all types of digital cameras like DSLRs, mirrorless, camcorders, and point and shoot –
  1. Audio-Technica ATR3350
  2. Giant Squid Audio Lab
For devices without external microphone support –
  1. TASCAM DR-05
  2. Zoom H1 Handy
  3. Zoom H4N PRO
For phones running Android or iOS or other operating systems –
  1. Miracle Sound Deluxe
  2. Giant Squid Audio Lab (with an adapter)

TRS and TRRS connection and why they are important

Check out the above microphone adapters, look carefully are the black lines on the male pin. See the image below so you can understand what you are looking for.   

TRS is for inserting into Cameras, TRRS is the same as a headphone jack and is used for pluging into your smartphone, check that your microphone has the correct connection you need, if it doesn't you just need to buy and adapter and then you are sorted. 

Camera with External Microphone + Voice Recording Training 

Vlog tip: If you are wanting to take your voice quality seriously and sound more professional, check out some voice recording courses, or the easy way is to clean up the 'noise in your audio tracks here is an article on cleaning up your voice using audacity(free recording software) Click for article.

Why Should You Get an External Microphone for Vlogging?

We know – it’s an extra expense that you can do away with, why should I get a microphone when my DSLR already has a pretty good internal 2-channel mic, my viewers care more about the video and not the audio, an external mic is a hassle – all sorts of questions that come to your mind. Today, we are going to answer all these questions.

Low Quality Built-In Mics

As experts in the fields of vlogging and the audiovisual industry, trust us when we say that the internal mics that most cameras by Sony, Panasonic, Nikon, etc. come with today are of inferior quality. They produce audio of such low quality that if you were to be judged solely based on the audio of your vlogs, even your most faithful fan would shake their head in disappointment.

When we say low-quality, we mean the quality of the recorded audio from cameras are so much lower than what people now are used to when they watch videos that it is regarded as cheap and low quality - you do not want to be associated with that.

Most built-in microphones are omnidirectional i.e. they capture every single vibration around it – sounds of air, shuffling leaves, insects, and what-not. There’s no restriction or modulation in its capturing and you cannot even customize it due to lack of settings.

The Power of an External Microphone

As opposed to omnidirectional in-built microphones, an external microphone is either unidirectional or bidirectional, which are pretty self-explanatory

  • Uni=1 direction
  • Bi=2 directions
  • Omni=All directions

For vlogging, we recommend unidirectional ones with cardioid configuration because you want to capture sound coming from a single direction.

This is the most valid reason why we stress aspiring YouTubers to get an external mic. It not only helps you dedicatedly capture sound from a single direction but also provides high-quality sound enough to put all those tracks in Jay Z’s TIDAL into shame.

On the other hand, if you are a vlogger like Smosh, JacksGap, or McJuggerNuggets, who creates short films and sketches where you need sound from multiple direction, it is best to get a bidirectional sub cardioid microphone. All these will be clearer when you check out our lists of best external microphones below.


We have divided our top selections into two parts so that you can make a better decision. We hope this guide will help you make your vlogs sound better. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask us in the comments section.

Click on the image for our article on Cameras with External Mic Input

Rode Shotgun Microphone
Feature smartphone for vlogging View More

Vlogging in 2017 is not just about being ready with your new camera and all the setup and doing a well-rehearsed show. It’s about spontaneity and being in-the-moment.

What today’s viewers want is spontaneous action, and nothing better for a vlogger than to be ready no matter where they are. As good and versatile as your awesome flip screen camera is, many times it just won’t be there when you need it.

Samsung S7 Specs for Vlogging

Backed by the world’s best technology and design, recommended and used by some of the world’s top vloggers, and praised by the top tech critics, the Samsung Galaxy S7 is arguably the best smartphone for vlogging, the camera is fantastic and the accessories are what takes it to the next level. So let’s take a look at the evidence to back it up.

Let’s take a look at the Samsung S7 specs to see how it covers your vlogging needs:

specs for the galaxy s7

Parameter Specification
Rear Facing Camera 12 MP
f/1.7, 26 mm lens
Front Facing(selfie)
5 MP
f/1.7, 22 mm lens
Video Recording
4K, 2160p@30fps,
Dual Video
Memory Up to 64 GB internal
Expandable up to 256 GB
Display Type Super AMOLED
Capacitive Touchscreen
Screen Size 5.1 inches
Screen Resolution Up to
1440 x 2560 pixels
Optical Image
Stabilization (OIS)
Dedicated Mic Yes
(with noise cancellation)
External Mic
Yes (2 channels)
Wi-Fi, NFC
Battery Good (1-3 hours
of video recording)
USB microUSB 2.0

Whether it is for a selfie video of you staring at the Northern Lights or commentating at a Lakers game, having the S7 in your hand is going to be your best strategy when it comes to impromptu vlogging.

your first vlog

With loads of video recording features, tons of editing apps, and the lifesaving feature to transfer your fresh, hot vlogs to your YouTube channel and other video-sharing sites directly make Samsung S7 the best-performing and most reliable vlogging smartphone in the market right now.

How is Samsung S7 the Best Smartphone for Vlogging?

The biggest merit of Samsung Galaxy S7 is its high-quality camera that behaves just like an entry-level digital camera. Of course, you cannot compare it with the range of high-end DSLR cameras by Canon and Sony, but it definitely wins brownie points for its size, portability, and ease of use.

Boasting of a 12-megapixel rear camera with a pretty wide aperture (f/1.7), the S7 lets you take wide shots with great ease without having to position your mobile against the concepts of physics (like some folks do).

Vlogging Must-Have Attachment #1

Samsung created another fab accessory, the vlogging lens pack with a phone case, wide angle and telephoto lenses especially for this model which does a better job than any third party lenses and accessories. It’s particularly useful for steady shots but don’t pan too much(move it around while shooting) or you’ll get some jello effect.

The wide angle shots are great and give your videos a higher quality look, it is about $100 for the set and it is the cheapest way to improve your vlogs.

Camera smartphone vlog accessories
Samsung S7 with wide angle lens

Check on Amazon   

vlog smartphone attachments
Wide Angle Lens

Regarding video output, it can give you a maximum resolution of 4K, but we recommend 1080p at 60 frames per second for flawless, YouTube-worthy uploads.

Battery Life for Vlogging

One thing that most vloggers are wary about when it comes to smartphones for vlogging is the battery life. And the S7 does not disappoint. Great battery life a superior feature, crucial for a vlogger. Compared with its predecessor S6, the S7 is capable of storing more juice and is power-efficient.


vlogging batt life
The S7 Battery Life

Samsung promises a battery life of 22 hours, but how long will it really last if you are continuously recording videos?…

So we tested a full-charged S7 for recording only videos (at 1080p) and found that the battery did last more than 120 minutes. It falls down to less than 10% of the original number, but 2 hours of straight filming is great, and bring a power pack with you and you can keep the show going.

Extra memory for vlogging
Expandable Memory

Its a still a great deal because 2 hours of shooting power is a superior quality, especially when you want more juice for those extra 5 minutes of filming time.

Micro SD 256GB storage

Additionally, the expansion support of up to 256 GB is a godsend if you are a prolific creator like one of your favorite vloggers.

Large memory storage for cameras
Large memory storage for cameras

memory card for smartphone

The next best feature in the S7 is the improved autofocus, which Samsung likes to call Dual Pixel Technology. Compared to phones such as iPhone 7 and the Google Pixel range, videos shot using the S7 have better clarity and focal lengths between the objects.

GSM Arena calls it ‘the best autofocus feature in a smartphone’ and cites its presence of phase detection photodiode in every single pixel of the camera sensor (1/2.5″ Sony IMX260) to further glorify the feature. The effect: it detects and accurately focuses on any object in the frame irrespective of the range level. While this technology is not new when it comes to digital cameras, it definitely makes S7 the best smartphone candidate for vlogging purposes.

The ability to shoot videos simultaneously using both front and rear cameras is another feature that you can use to create vlogs which you can then edit back together to provide a more indulgent experience to your fans.

The S7 supports almost all currently-available apps in the Play Store, so editing and directly uploading them on YouTube, Vimeo, and Facebook is going to be much easier. Plus, it supports Wi-Fi, NFC, and USB 2.0, giving you more options to play with, transfer, and edit your raw videos.

If you fancy watching and checking your videos right on the phone before getting down to optimization, the Galaxy S7 treats you with its 5.1-inch Super AMOLED screen with capacitive multitouch. The highest resolution is 1,440 x 2,560 pixels, enough to judge the quality of your videos and how it will look on a larger web player.

Best external Micophone for Vlogging with your Samsung

Another plus point of S7 as a vlogging smartphone is its support for an external mic, which is a big advantage for vloggers. Connect your existing microphone to S7’s audio jack (which Apple users nowadays miss so badly) and vlog away. You will be able to capture stereo 2-channel sound.

microphone for iphones and smartphones

Best Microphone for iphone

Using the Rode Mic me connected straight into your earphone input is going to give you a great sound while talking directly into the camera, no wires, no setup required, plug in and speak – Perfect. The Rode Video Mic Me is a directional mic that is great for picking up sound directly in front of the mic, meaning you get great vocal sound quality even in environments with louder background noise, saving you time and effort relocating to quite spots etc.

Vlog smartphone tips
Samsung s7 with ‘RODE mic me’

The technical features are also superior in S7. In addition to the rockstar optical image stabilization (OIS) feature (which is to die for), with this model, you can also adjust your ISO sensitivity and aperture all the while shooting.

The One Demerit

The one biggest low point of the Galaxy S7 is its front camera. Although Samsung boasted about its selfie lens right after launching the model in 2016, we are not entirely happy with it. With 5 MP, the quality is relatively inferior if you are going to create selfie videos. It is true that megapixels do not really mean much when it comes to vlogging, but the difference becomes quite evident when you look at the videos on your notebook.

Why is Samsung S7 Better than the iPhone 7?

One great merit of S7 that we saved for the last is its cost. And when one compares it with the equally popular iPhone 7, the cost is one of the biggest deal breakers. Samsung Galaxy S7 is a LOT cheaper than iPhone 7, and if you have a budget in your mind, it is better to go with the former.

Samsung’s best smartphone so far (unless you consider the new S8) beats iPhone 7 on the cost, autofocus feature, and battery fronts. Three of the essential parameters, and the reason for us to create this article in the first place. It is true that the online video community endorses Apple’s products like they all are its ambassadors, but if it is the quality that you are looking at, the S7 is going to be your best bet.

Which Famous Vloggers Use Samsung S7?

Although famous vloggers prefer using their customized and set-up digital cameras (mirrorless, point and shoot, and DSLRs), there comes a time when even they have to settle for the slim smartphone in their denim’s back pocket.

Following is a list of famous vloggers who have been seen in the past using S7 for shooting videos:

Vlogger who uses the galaxy s7
Casey Neistat
Vlog channel using the S7
Aspen Ovard
Vloggers that use samsung 7
Slice of Matt

So, if the above features are not enough for you to go to Amazon and book the good-looking S7 right now, it will be reassuring to know that the phone is also used by some of the world’s top vloggers. This is a very limited list, and chances are that many more vloggers are using it to shoot their vlogs.

Two Must-Have Accessories

  1.  Samsung Wide-Angle Lens Cover
  2. Samsung Gear 360

Samsung Galaxy S7 is already a self-sufficient smartphone that will take care of all your vlogging purposes. But, if you are one of those advanced users who likes to have more customization, these are the two must-have accessories to go with the S7.

Samsung Wide-Angle Lens Cover

As we have already mentioned, the smartphone wide-angle lens is a must have. Other than acting as a protective cover for your smartphone, this lens cover made of stainless steel outer layer enables you to take wider shots and telephotos with 2x zoom-in capability. You get a sensor extension of up to 50 mm and sharper picture quality without losing any details even if you play them on larger screens. The screw mount is easy to use and fits snugly on the smartphone.

Overall, if you are looking to improve the range of your videos and images without hurting the quality, this is the accessory to get.

Samsung Gear 360

Samsung vlogging smartphonesAt a time when virtual reality (VR) is taking over the world, the Samsung Gear 360 is the perfect gadget to use with your vlogging smartphone. Treat your viewers with full 360-degree videos and attract more viewers. If you are someone who has always wanted to try out new things before it becomes mainstream, getting the Samsung Gear 360 camera with your Samsung S7 should be on the top of your list.

You only need to tap a button and the camera immediately starts capturing everything from all angles. Once you have captured what you want, you can instantly play them using your VR gear or edit them directly through your S7 piece.

Best vlogging smartphone accessory

s7 smartphone lenses and accessories

Samsung S7 Best Buy Vlogging Smartphone

All in all, if you are looking for a smartphone model that has all the features of a vlogging camera which creates high-quality videos and has great battery life, Samsung Galaxy S7 should be your first and the only choice.

smartphone vlogging accessories

Vlogging Hero film equipment View More

No matter what level of photography your skill is, every photographer needs a proper camera bag to store and protect their gear but worry not,  lots of great functional but stylish camera bags are to be found without breaking the bank!

The good thing about photography is there are new developments coming out, daily. There are so many options on the market now that deliver high-quality, cost-efficient, and functional products. Thanks to reviewing sites, underdog brands have really stepped up their game, delivering us great camera bags that now rival known and trusted brands, letting you spend more money on the good stuff!

skip to best cam sack

In this article, we are going to look at the most popular DSLR camera bag styles on the market right now. We’ll look at some brand names, popular camera bag styles and some important extras you should know about, like where to put your little extras for your new vlogging camera.

NOTE: by CLICKING ON IMAGES AND RED BOXES WILL take you to that specific product on amazon to show THE PRICE AND CUSTOMER REVIEWS, if you purchase on amazon – we receive a small commission. 

Best SMALL Camera Bag

Evecase Digital SLR / DSLR Small Professional Camera Bag

vlogger camcorder backpacks

If price is one of your concerns, then turn to Evecase’s SLR/DSLR shoulder-strap camera bag. This bag isn’t meant to carry multiple DSLRs and lenses but if you are looking for a well-made bag for daily use with a single setup, this bag hits the perfect price point.


Click for price and more info   

The Evecase DSLR shoulder bag is made from high-quality Nylon making it easy to clean and weather-resistant. The main pocket is spacious and contains a few dividers to separate and protect your camera and accessories. The exterior of the pack has two large pockets to hold smaller personal items.

Case Logic DCB-304 Compact Camera Bag

Vlogger camera sac by Logic


Click for price and more info   

Case Logic’s Compact Camera Bag fits almost any small kit setup. The thick polyester material ensures good weather protection and has handles, shoulder strap, and a belt loop offering mobile flexibility.

The DCB-304’s exterior has rubberized zippers and heavily padded handles. The interior of the pack boasts a firm insert that has elastic attached to accommodate a variety of instruments. The outer two pockets add extra space for batteries, cords, cell phones and other small necessities.

The top flap has a small zippered pocket for small stowaways. Packed with functionality for its value, Case Logic hits a home run with their DCB-304 compact camera bag.

Best SLING Camera Bag

Lowepro Camera Bag

sac simple for cams and lenses


Click for price and more info   

Lowepro’s Passport Sling DSLR camera bag packs a lot of gear for its compact design and it also a good choice for photographers on the move. The sling arm is adjustable and the shape is easy to shift around your body for quick access to your camera. Two exterior pockets to hold memory cards, cords, keys, cell phone and more.

Thoughtfully the lowepro camera bag purse included is a water bottle holder. The interior of the Passport Sling can fit a DSLR camera with lens still attached which is good because it’s also expandable, giving you 30% more space is needed, so you can fit a second lens or flash.

Basics Sling DSLR Camera Bag

cam inserts sac and backpacks


Click for price and more info   

Basics brings it home again with their small-size sling camera bag. The ‘sling’ style makes this bag easy to maneuver from your back to front, making access to your goods, quick and hassle-free.

The bottom of the bag has rubber feet to hold itself upright and clean when put down on the ground. The spacious interior features compartments that can fit one smaller SLR camera body, 1-2 lenses or flash.

A great perk of this pack is that the compartments are adjustable, which means you can remove or reconfigure the inside pockets and flaps to fit your individual needs. On the exterior, you’ll find large pockets to hold cell phone, keys, battery pack, memory cards and cords and other small accessories.

Best Camera Bag BACKPACK

Basics Backpack for SLR/DSLR Cameras and Accessories

cheap Cam Sling sac backpacks

Believe it or not but our top pick for best camera bag for simple functions, is the Amazon Basics Backpack for SLR/DSLR, boasting over 5K reviews on Amazon, and for good reason.


Click for price and more info   

The ‘Basics’ Camera Backpack sports double-stitched, shoulder straps (chest strap included!) and an easy-to-clean Nylon exterior. Two pockets decorate the sides to hold small personal items like keys and cell phones and two large pockets to hold tablets, manuals or to stow away rain gear.

There are two convenient side straps to hold a tripod or umbrella. The interior is lined to protect gear from scratches and also includes several adjustable inserts. Two large plastic zip pockets are great for batteries and memory cards. At such an affordable price, this backpack is hard to overlook.

Altura DSLR Camera and Mirrorless Backpack Bag

best rucksacks for DSLRs


Click for price and more info   

If you love to travel are looking for the perfect camera bag, Altura offers a DSLR, mirrorless backpack part of their “Light Traveler” series. This compact backpack’s double stitching ensures longevity and the exterior, made of water-repellent Nylon, not a complete waterproof camera bag however it ensures durability.

The capacity of this Altura model holds one DSLR camera with attached lens, plus space to hold up to four additional lenses. The interior is built with adjustable compartments to fit in flash and tripod. An interior slip can hold tablets up to 12 inches. Outside pockets fit extra accessories for cables, battery pack, and personal items.

Another great perk about this DSLR/mirrorless camera bag is it is TSA-guideline compatible, with dual zippers that can come together using standard luggage locks.

Best SHOULDER Camera Bag

BESTEK Waterproof Canvas SLR DSLR Camera Shoulder Bag

DSLR packs with Compartments

One brand rated high in efficiency for their canvas-style sling camera bag is BestTek. Their waterproof, canvas shoulder camera bag boasts excellent reviews both for looks and functionality.


Click for price and more info   

This pack can be adjusted to use as a shoulder bag or you can loosen the shoulder strap for a messenger camera bag style. The outside canvas has ben treated to withstand harsh weather, keeping your goods dry, inside.

Dividers and adjustable flaps inside will help you to keep organized. The retro-style is modern but understated, making this bag perfect for everyday use.

Think Tank Retrospective 5 Shoulder Camera Bag

Top Camera sling canvas bag

Click for price and more info   

Think Tank designed us the perfect stylish camera bag with their Retrospective 5 shoulder camera bag. This stylish old-school bag can comfortably hold one DSLR and 3 lens options.

Helps you blend in with the crowd and not draw attention to your expensive equipment, the silent opening, and closing system allows you to open your bag during filming.

The interior has space for accessories like pens, cell phone, batteries, and tablets. This outer layer has been oiled slightly to withstand light weather conditions, but what’s great about this model is it comes with a sealed rain cover to protect your priorities from the elements.


Best GADGET Camera Bag

Nikon Deluxe Digital SLR Camera Case

Nikon cam shoulder pack


Click for price and more info   

Nikon is a household name when is comes to vlogging equipment and they hit it home with their gadget camera bag. Made from durable Nylon, this bag comes water-resistant and heavily padded to offer protection even when you’re not looking.

This Nikon camera bag’s interior measures at 28 x 17.8 x 12.7cm) can store one DSLR and has adjustable Velcro inserts that can be moved around to fit another 1-2 lenses or flash.

Five additional zippered pockets can be found (two outside, one large zippered at the back, mesh pocket on the inside flap, and interior zippered pocket) decorating the bag making storing cords, battery packs and memory cards a simple endeavor. Nikon never fails to deliver quality products backed by experience.

Nikon accessories pack for cam

Canon Deluxe Gadget Bag 100EG

shoulder pack for photography equipment

Click for price and more info   

Canon is another trusted name in camera equipment and they don’t disappoint with their Canon Deluxe Gadget Bag 100EG. If you are serious shooter looking for something economical and a bit smaller in size than a backpack, check out the Deluxe Gadget Canon Camera Bag.

It can fit up to one small DSLR plus one smaller lens, or two smaller mirrorless cameras with lenses. The interior comes with inserts that can be arranged to fit a charger, cords, or even a flash.

This bag is very versatile. The front pocket is large enough to fit memory cards, cell phone, and lens caps. This small gadget camera bag also sports a belt loop and comes with adjustable shoulder strap. With over 1K reviews, this bag is priced well and offers a lot of functionality.

Best Camera BAG INSERT

Ape Case Cubeze Interior Case for Cameras

compartments for photography


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When it comes to the best camera bag insert, look no further than Ape Case’s Cubeze. This flexible cube is sturdy enough to stand alone or can fit easily sit into another bag or case. There is room for one small DSLR, lens, and flash.

but the padded interiors are completely adjustable, allowing you to fit just about anything if organized well. The cream color allowing you to locate things quickly in dim lighting.

If you are looking for something a little more of a  we will have that article for you soon.

bagggie for cams
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Vlogging Camera for Youtube View More

Meet Antoine

Antoine Le Guen is a french adventure/travel vlogger who is soon to be traveling the world with his girlfriend Violette (the photographer of the team) visiting 100 of the planet’s most amazing places. Their blog,   is focused on creating breathtaking videos, including 360 videos of exotic environments, using VR-style technology in their vlogs to allow viewers to share the experience. Antoine is also giving tips for building the next generation of vlogs on his .

Why we love Antoine

what camera he uses

Antoine has been vlogging for years and experimenting with different vlogging styles and using different cameras. He has great energy and drops lots of value bombs from the moment you meet him, regarding editing, lighting, filming techniques, new 360 equipment and how to apply them to your youtube, facebook.

Value Bomb #1 Why would anyone upgrade from a 70D to an 80D camera! It is the same camera, sure it is slightly better in low light and has a plug to listen to your footage, but nobody does that in real life anyway…

Antoine has previously had many YouTube Channels, experimented and learned not to let perfection get in the way of enjoying the process of creating videos. His peers back in France were not supportive of his storytelling, vlogging passion, and after a life awakening experience of having a disease (now cured), he isn’t letting anyone hold him back from living his passion.

Vlog challenges
Antoine running the Paris Marathon

His practical approach to using all of his equipment and his honest free-talking style of offering advice coupled with a fabulous accent makes Antoine a great personality and we are happy to hear his thoughts on his camera equipment.

Watch the video below for our chat with Antoine

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 Tell us more about your The Vlog Expedition

Travel Vlogging

Violette & I created   around a simple idea: give inspiration, to tackle global challenges in everyday life. We believe that combining awesome travel stories with useful resources on how to do better with less is the best way to go.

Our first vlog series, Expedition 100, will take the audience with us on a massive journey around Earth ticking off our ultimate travel bucket list, meeting incredible people & discovering insanely beautiful places. You’ll be able to explore those places on your own pace with a network of 360 videos included within the vlogs.

On the technical aspect, I believe it is time for vlogs to evolve. To me, video blogging is about using videos as the main pieces of content within custom blog posts, that support the story better than only adding cards, comments & thumbs up. I think it is time for creators to take back control of their content and to finally use the possibilities of HTML 5. I see The Vlog Expedition as a challenge where I push my creativity to its limits, including how I think and use the media itself.

Antoine’s Vlogging Resource List

Canon EOS 70D

The 70D is still the best camera for vlogging up to date: its cheap, reliable & super user-friendly. The autofocus is just amazing and your footage will look awesome straight out the camera, minimizing the time you spend in post-production which is important if you are just starting vlogging or doing daily.

YouTube Vlogging DSLR
Canon 70D – Image credit to

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24mm 2.8 STM Lens

A good camera is useless without the proper set of lenses. This one is my personal favorites and makes a perfect combo with the wide lens combo. I love it because it’s super cheap, light and compact. The aperture is good enough for having a nice bokeh when you’re shooting yourself in on a tripod talking to the camera (use a SmartLav mic though in that case, the 70d will be a little too far for the VideoMic Pro to do its best) and of course, it’s awesome in low light conditions. It’s not stabilized but it will do the job fine as it’s wider than a 40mm FF equivalent.

Antoines Camera setup

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10-18  4.5/5.6 IS STM lens

I use this one 90% of the time. This is almost the perfect focal length for vlogging, 10mm is wide enough (16mm in FF) on the jobby for selfies and 18mm (26mm in FF) is a decent frame for a more “normal” look. As it’s all plastic, light and cheap like I love it.

Vlog expedition vlogging camera setup
Canon 10-18 STM lens

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Rode Video Mic Pro

Super robust, reliable & ok priced shotgun mic. Will do good in all situations as you can adapt the db from -10 to 20. The Video Mic Pro has its own power, having an external microphone is a basic requirement for the 70D as the inbuilt preamp is a joke, so don’t go for the VideoMicro or VideoGo. Always have a spare 9V battery with you, in case it switches on and dies in your backpack. Go for the rycote version.

Best Camera Mic input
Rode Video Mic Pro

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Samsung S7 with Wide Lens

This smartphone has simply the best image quality on the market and I love to pair it with the Gear 360. Samsung created a pack with wide angle and telephoto lenses especially for this model which does a better job than third party lenses. It’s particularly useful for steady shots but don’t pan(move it around while shooting) it too much or you’ll get some jello effect (it’s primarily designed for stills).

Camera smartphone vlog
Samsung S7 with Wide Angle Lens Case and Ring

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Sticky Ring For Smart Phone

Buy a ring for your smartphone ! It’s just a few bucks and that will change your life: I found my shots a lot more steady (especially for hyper lapses), I can try any kind of shots since I know I am not going to drop my phone AND I can use it as a stand.

Samsung Vlogging Gadgets
Sticky Ring For Smart Phone

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Rode Video Mic Me Microphone

This one does a great job if you plan on using your smartphone as a main shooter. It’s a simple plug-and-play system that will dramatically improve your audio quality.

Camera Mic for Vlogs
Rode Video Mic MeMacbook Pro Previous

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