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We all love cooking and recipe videos, it is the easiest way to learn how to cook your favorite dishes. Filming cooking videos, on the other hand, requires knowledge and experience with a camera. There are many filming tricks of the trade to make your recipe video informative, engaging, entertaining, and most importantly, showcasing your delicious food to your viewers.

Vlogging Proverb
Good Youtubers make videos and learn from their experience
Wise Youtubers learn from the experience of others.

We asked Barbara from Buonapappa to give us advice on how she creates her recipe/cooking videos.

Buonapappa – Recipe and Cooking Channel

The Best Cooking vlog

What is Buonapappa?

Buonapappa is a cooking YouTube Channel run by Barbara Lamperti, an Italian mother of 2, YouTube personality and an incredible cook!

Barbara’s YouTube channel provides recipes to create delicious dishes and for the whole family and filmed in her own kitchen. Barbara has a cheerful, fun, entertaining style and her videos and food creations are fantastic. Take a look for yourself.

cooking cakes youtube video

The Best Cooking Vlogger | Why we chose Barbara

Barbara concentrates on giving value to her subscribers. Not only does she share creative Italian-inspired cooking recipes but she has taken the time to deliver these recipes in an engaging filming style that requires thoughtful planning and clever techniques.

Barbara ticks all the right boxes when it comes to making recipe videos, innovative foods, clear instructions, beautifully presented foods and delivered in an enjoyable style. In our opinion she the perfect role-model to teach the rest of us how to make our own cooking vlogs.

Watch this video below before we get into the details:

Making Recipe Videos For YouTube

Barbara’s lighting is great! She really knows how to make the most of natural light and using some additional light stands to balance the light on the shaded sides, not only does it make her kitchen look fab, it makes her pop out from her environment and keeps the focus firmly on Barbara.

See the below pic (sorry Barbara, we took an action shot when you were in the middle of explaining Halloween fishcakes).

Lighting Tip

An idealist might say that it’s too much light, but YouTube is all about grabbing attention and keeping your viewers focused before the get distracted by another funny cat video, better more light than not enough.

Additional Lighting
Barbara is using softbox lights, you can buy a similar lighting kit to Barbara’s at a reasonable price of $70-$100. See an example below of the type of kits you can buy, they normally extend to a height of 6ft easily, really useful kit.

Showcasing | The Beauty Shots
Super important for all cooking or recipe videos, the final result, the hook, the reason that people watch the video in the first place, usually showcased at the beginning of the video to entice the viewer to watch the rest of your video.

Beauty Shot Example

Barbara gives an amazing tip here:

You need to give movement… taking a bite of the slice of cake, the grating of the cheese and the drizzle of honey on the pancake… That is what makes your audiences mouth water.

See how effective that is in the video below.

The final result, your Gorgeous foods are best presented in the most naturally lit area of your of your kitchen or set, Barbara uses a DIY presentation set made really simply made of a whiteboard(to reflect light back onto the dish) and some decorative wood as a base. The make-shift set is arranged on her breakfast table to showcase her finished dish and they always look amazing.

The pink arrows show the light directions, the small arrow indicating the reflected light, giving the same effect as the light stands, the make your strawberry cheesecake pop out of the frame.

Cooking Videos from home youtube

Add a couple of household decorative items, with natural light and reflective board, creates this….Stunning!

Delicious food by Buonapappa
Every one of Barbaras Beauty shots are Instagram Worthy!

Timing and Transition between scenes
Timing is important and changing between scenes keeps viewers attention, the next time you watch a tv commercial, notice how many times the frame/camera angle changes, youtube is similar to commercials in that the value is in maintain viewers attention and stopping them from getting bored and clicking away. Youtube monitors this and will reward you by increasing your exposure if you can increase ‘on page time’.

Equipment and positioning
Barbara shows us how she records her videos and gives us a good example of where to positioning your camera(s), this is great information because you can spend all day trying different positions to see what works. If you like Barbara’s camera angles in Buonapappa, just copy what she did in her tutorial video and save yourself a lot of time.

Regarding cameras, Barbara uses the Canon EOS 70D, which is also our favorite camera. The 70Dt does everything you need; a wonderful articulated screen, easy to use (for a DSLR), takes good quality images and is used by so many of the most famous YouTubers.

YouTube Vlogging DSLR
Canon 70D – Image credit to

DIY – The ease of viewers to do it themselves
We didn’t want to show you a studio example, most YouTubers make their videos on a modest budget and don’t usually have an entourage of people helping them. Barbara literally makes her videos at home on her own and does an excellent job, backed by her 42k and growing subscribers.

The best youtube cooking vlogger
Barbara with her sons

Likeability goes a Long Way
Likeability is a very important aspect for vloggers, sounds obvious but being likable is crucial if people are going to subscribe and keep watching your videos.

The Dos
What works best for cooking and mother figures is be humble, authentic and represent yourself in a way that builds trust with your audience. Barbara does this really well and always opens with lots of smiling.

The Don’ts
Don’t talk about yourself for too long! Remember what your audience are watching your recipe video for, it is to see how to cook something, your role is to be a pleasant communicator of information, if you are adding unnecessary information then make sure it either gives value or is entertaining.

Voice clarity
Voice clarity and sounds are important, other than sight, audio is the only other way we enjoy YouTube videos, therefore we should give our audio quality the same level of attention as the visuals. Try to introduce many different sounds in your videos as well as changing visual frames in order to maintain viewer attention.

Vlogging Tip: When you are editing, it is good to change frame or camera angle when there is a sound spike or strong word. Words that start with a letter ‘P’ are good to change frames on, because they ‘P’ack a ‘P’unch, trust us it will look a lot more natural.

Sound Quality
Use an external mic, it may sound ‘ok’ but when you are continuously listening to high-quality audio on most videos, then when we start watching your video, we hear that hollow tinny sound of an inbuilt camera microphone and it is not as enjoyable to watch. Click Here to check out our article on the best external microphones to bring quality to your videos.

Thanks so much Barbara from Buonapappa for making that video for us, we really appreciate it. From the Vlogging Hero Team

We award you the best recipe vlogger of 2017.

Vlogging guides and camera advice

Click the Buonapappa Banner below to visit Barbara’s Youtube Channel to see more great recipes, new recipes are released every Thursday. 

The best cooking vlog on youtube

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Once you start uploading videos and you get a decent number of visitors and subscribers, you can rearrange the sections of your channel. So what does your youtube channel menu mean? Shown in the screenshot below is how a part of your channel will look once you start doing some activity.

Customising youtube channel options
Customising your channel options
  • Home – It is what new visitors will see when they first come to your channel. Here you can set one video for your viewers to watch. Selecting your most-watched or most-popular video will make a new viewer more interested in your channel. Alternatively, if you have recently created a series that has become fairly popular, how about a one-minute trailer to grab their attention?
    • You can select one video each for returning customers and new customers
    • Videos are listed here in different sections depending upon their type and other factors
  • Videos – Lists all videos that you ever uploaded. One can select Liked Videos, Uploaded Videos, and even Live Streams
  • Playlists – as the name suggests, it lists all your playlists
  • Channels – Lists all your subscribed or featured channels. The latter are the ones that you specifically add in your channel. For example, if your partner also has a YouTube channel, it would be a good idea to feature his/her channel. (Audience loves it when there’s love at display.) Look at PewDiePie and his girlfriend! [Link 7]
  • Discussion – Here users can start a discussion about anything. It could be a message to you or a suggestion about a video. Don’t worry, you can moderate it
  • About – This section is what most YouTubers ignore. It shows the total number of channel subscribers, total video views, a small description, and other details like the country you are based in and CAPTCHA-protected email ID info
    • One can even link websites, social media profiles, shopping portal, merchandise website, etc. at the bottom of this tab. This also has SEO advantages, but it is beyond the scope of this article.

So, before you settle down with the belief that you are done with your channel, try tinkering with these tabs. Set it up in a way that you think would be best for your viewers.

Moving Videos from One Channel to Another

How to move your videos between channels is a common question, and believe me, YouTube is very sorry that moving videos between channels is not possible. Similarly, you cannot merge or link two separate channels.

The only way to migrate to another channel is to download your videos from one channel and upload them on the other. Although, do consider the negative effect of duplicate videos. There should be only one original video so that your viewers can engage with you and only you. There’s no room for a masquerader in this game.

How to Delete a Video on Youtube

How to delete unwanted videos from your Youtube Channel? Perhaps you uploaded the unfinished version? Or maybe that file named “Game with Amanda” was a personal video, inappropriate for the public? There can be situations when you may want to delete a video from your channel before your unsuspecting fans find out about your relationship with Amanda, your secret girlfriend.

So, here are the steps – the easiest – I promise:

  • Go to
  • Choose the video you want to delete. Use the search option if you are prolific
  • Click on the down-arrow beside the “Edit” button, and click on “Delete”
  • Confirm the deletion

Now breathe a sigh of relief. No one is going to find about Amanda.

Alternatively, when you don’t want a video to be publicly visible or searchable on YouTube, you can simply make it private. Go to your list of videos, select the video you want to make private, and then click on “Actions” to select the option.

Here is a video there will show you exactly how to delete a video on youtube

Some Optional Skills to Have

  • Basic video editing skills – Learn to make changes to a video timeline, sync the audio art, trim the noisy part, etc. These will help you in the long run
  • Basic image art editing skills – This way you can try your own hand at creating the perfect channel art. GIMP or Photoshop Lite are easier to handle, and there are numerous tutorials online for creating perfect channel art
  • SEO – Like I said, this is essential in the initial stage. Interlink all your social profiles with your channel, add a description, link the channel to your website, use the right keywords, and you will soon find your channel appearing on search engines, 2017 ranking factor.

Some Extra YouTube Features to Know

YouTube can be a powerful platform to sell your talent or your ‘art’. To make it universally accepted by video artists and internet celebrities, it offers a bevy of services to its users, which makes video uploading and sharing easier and highly rewarding. Following are some of the advanced features:

  • Monetization – Make money and generate financial income, this is one of the biggest inspirations for budding vloggers in 2017. Your videos become popular, more users come in, subscriptions shoot up, and you begin generating revenue through Google’s AdSense program. YouTube will show ads in and around your videos, and if your users click or even glimpse at it, you get paid
  • Annotations – Users can make use of this tool to guide viewers to other videos or third-party websites. Maybe you have launched a new series of t-shirts and want to market it. Add a link and annotate it on your next video. Sales are going to go up…
  • Custom thumbnail art
    Create youtube channel - add personalised art
    Custom Thumbnail example

    – This is a pretty straightforward feature. YouTube’s processing tool automatically generates the three best thumbnails to go with your video. It is the rectangular image that you see the video as, along with the duration, when you browse. With this function, which can be achieved through verification, users can create special thumbnails (max. image size is 2 MB) and upload them. This is how clickbait videos are made on YouTube. The thumbnail tells you that the video has Sharon Stone in it, and when you open it, Steve Buscemi grins at you.

  • Live streaming on Youtube – Once you get a larger fan following, you can even create live sessions where your fans can get to see you… LIVE. Note that live steaming is becoming super popular on Facebook, instagram, periscope etc. It won’t be long before Youtube finds a way to take over Live Stream. Go youtube 2017…!!


As you move ahead into 2017 and upload more YouTube videos, you will find more features that will help you be more productive. YouTube is designed in a way to help uploaders and Vloggers share their talent to the world at large. So, what are you waiting for? Create a YouTube channel now!

The Next Step – Be a Successful Vlogger

For the next step of increasing your following, building a stronger fan base with more subscribers. This will allow you to increase your Fame and make money on Youtube, see our other VloggingHero Guides:

Add music and media vlog View More

Since you are done with setting up your channel, you are now ready to create and upload your first video. Before you get all excited and upload one into your channel, consider the following points to check if your creation will pass muster amongst viewers.

Video (and Audio) Quality

At an age where high-definition is everything, you cannot shoot a video on your 2010 model smartphone with a VGA camera and expect your audience to like and subscribe. It is the time of 1080 and 4K resolutions, and anything below 720-progressive is considered to be low quality.

So, whether you are capturing yourself while you commentate or if you are creating a video using snippets of shots, use a recorder that can capture high-definition videos. You don’t have to take extra care of the quality of the audio unless your videos rely on them. Since most vloggers bank in on the visual characteristics of their creations, audio does not have to be on your top-ten checklist.

The recommended resolution is 1080-progressive or higher, with the audio bitrate anything above 256 kilobytes per second. You can also experiment with 4K and 360° resolution videos, but they require special equipment, which may be expensive.

Ideal Video Length, Size, and Format

The days when you could upload a video that are up to only 10 minutes long are gone. Since its inception in 2004, YouTube has undergone countless changes. But, for us, the things that matter the most are the sizes and the formats. While the video size limit was 100 MB a few years ago, you could the supported formats with fingers of a single hand. As of November 2016, following are the limits:

Video Length

The default limit per video is 15 minutes, but you can extend it by verifying your channel. The limit then extends to 12 hours. However, the ideal video length depends upon your content. Most popular videos on YouTube are between 5 and 40 minutes. Anything above that may not be helpful, especially in the initial stages. The key is what you do in the first 1-2 minutes to grab your viewer’s attention.

Tip: Start with smaller videos, and as you increase your fan base and understand their requirements, you can then notch up the minutes.

Video Size

128 GB is the upper size limit of a video that you can upload. Generally, a 5-minute content at 1080-progressive resolution would make your video file to be of around 1 GB, which is a good number. The ballpark is set between 1 and 5 GB, but you can always push for more if your video is longer.

Make sure you have a good internet connection so that you can upload such big files at a high speed.

Video Format

There is no ideal video format, but YouTube supports the following ones: MOV, MP4 (MPEG4), AVI, WMV, FLV, 3GP, MPEGPS, and WebM. The most popular formats are MP4 and WMV, and those are also the containers used by camcorders and video recorders to generate content.

According to me, MP4 is arguably the best format, and you should always prefer that over the others. 3GP and WebM are meant for low-quality videos. So, let’s not even talk about them.

Video Editing

While some knowledge of video and audio editing is required to be a successful YouTuber, it is not a necessity. You can always take help from your friends and the ever-helpful internet. YouTube’s own Creator Studio can help you do wonders with your raw videos to polish it up with texts, sounds, annotations, and images. The YouTube Video Manager is an easy-to-use tool.

If you are really clueless about how to edit a video, following are some other online resources to hit you up:

  • There are countless online intro makers such as Vipid, Intro Maker, and VideoHive that have beautiful intros that can be customized based on your taste. While the free themes may contain watermarks, you can buy high-resolution intros starting from $5

For a more hands-on approach, fire up your computer’s native video editor and start playing with ideas. We all know that we ourselves are the best creators. Apple’s iMovie and Windows Movie Maker are two most-popular free tools.

Intro and Background Music

There is an art of providing good intro in your videos, it is non visual art that people enjoy without really noticing it was there. Be it an intro jingle or an end credits theme, a video is partly driven by its background music. So, naturally, it is crucial that you spice up your videos in 2017 with some good audio bytes.

Copyright Issues 2017

But, before you add any music in your video, consider all sides of the box. The track that you want to use may be owned by someone else, you could end up using someone else art that you may get penalized for. YouTube takes copyright very seriously. So, that jingle you thought you could use on your video may not have been a good idea after all.

Even if you use 5 seconds of an audio, the copyright of which is held by a music label, you will get a copyright warning in your account. While warnings are fine, and in most cases, your videos will be playable around the world. In some cases, though, this may not be the case.

I have myself experienced copyright issues. One such video of mine, which had audio art samples from three popular songs, had been a victim of copyright warnings. As a result, the video was not playable on mobile devices. It was a huge setback for me as more than half of YouTube’s users are on a mobile or a tablet.

Financial Setbacks – YouTube Copyright

While minor copyright issues on youtube are still fine, if you use copyrighted music, there is a bigger problem; You cannot monetize your videos. If you have a video which uses copyrighted music (or other content), chances are that it will be monetized by the copyright owner.

There’s no workaround for that, which can severely affect your revenue. And, if you continuously use copyright art, then your account will be struck with multiple claims. You can even get blocked.

Using copyright music or art means you cannot monetize your videos on YouTube

YouTube Music Policies

So, if you want to add a sample of that catchy song or some other audio art in your video, consider checking its copyright information on YouTube’s Music Policies database at Just search for the track and find the info.

Free YouTube Music and Sound Effects

Moreover, YouTube provides another database of free music that you can use on your projects. These songs are on the public domain, and can be used countless times. Categorized according to genres, it helps users easier find and download free music. You can access the database at For sound effects, go to

So, remember: the next time you resist using that Rihanna’s track on your video about umbrellas, go to YouTube’s free music database and find an alternative.

Uploading a Video on Youtube

How to upload a video on youtube? Use the uploader on YouTube by following these easy steps:

  • Log in to your YouTube account
  • Click on the upside arrow button on the top-right corner of the homepage or go to
  • Select the listing: Public, Private, or Unlisted (which are all pretty self-explanatory)
  • Drag or select the file that you want to upload
Create youtube channel - upload video
Uploading your video – screenshot
  • Once you select the file, a processing dialog will appear
  • Add in the title, description, and tags of the video. SEO comes into effect here. So, use the right keywords and tags. Avoid long titles and short descriptions
  • Select the options to share the video on Google+ and Twitter along with a customized message
  • Add translations, subtitles, and other info using the two tabs shown in the screenshot above
  • You can even add the video in a preferred playlist
  • In “Advanced Settings”, you can allow or disallow comments and user ratings, choose an appropriate category, set the video location and recording date, and add other miscellaneous info
  • Going to the Video Manager after the video has uploaded will help you make more changes to your video in the following departments:
    • Contrast and other color enhancements
    • Audio editing, trimming, replacement
    • End screen and annotations
    • Subtitles and closed captions
    • Copyright info art/music
    • Cards

Comments – Interact with your Fans

Once you upload the video, do not forget to interact with your fans in the “comments” section. Checking this section of your videos on a regular basis will give you important information as to how your videos are being perceived by viewers, what improvements can be made, and other minor things. Feedback is important, and there’s nothing better than sifting through the comments. Although, brace yourselves from trolls as the YouTube comments section is often dubbed as “the worst place on the galaxy.”

Templates Banner icon sizes View More

Lets concentrate on cannel art, It is equally important to set up both the channel icon and the banner so that your subscribers can get an idea as to what your channel is actually about.

As is common amongst human beings, people make impressions of you even before communicating. While in real life, your face and personality are judged, in virtual space and in YouTube, specifically, it is the channel art and how you have set up your channel that makes or breaks the visitor numbers. So before picking up your lets take your artwork seriously.

In the following screenshot, there are two places where you can add images to add a personal touch to your channel.

Create Youtube channel step 6
YouTube Channel Icon and Art

Change Your Channel Icon

YouTube usually imports the channel icon from your Google+ account. So, if you have uploaded your photo or artwork, it will automatically be set up as your channel icon. To change it, follow these steps:

Selecting the Perfect Icon

Lots of go the non-traditional way and upload an image that is funky or about something related to their videos. Most users have their own logos, and as part of their branding, they upload it as their icon, as well as add it in their channel art. If you have any friends who are into designing, then now is the time to ask for a favor in return for that party you threw on the final day of your last semester.

While there is no specific size for the icon, and YouTube does resize your file in the end, 800×800 pixels is the benchmark to go ahead with. You don’t want your visitors staring at a pixelated photo of yours.

If you are into gaming, how about a customized logo about you as a character from your favorite video game? How about you Photoshop your face into that cool-looking person from the GTA V poster? Boy, that’s a good one, but beware of copyright issues. ( is a personal favorite if you are not looking for anything flashy.)

Creating Channel Art

Same goes with the channel art. A channel art is a banner that welcomes your existing subscribers or potential subscribers to your channel. It is your chance to make that new visitor stay in your channel and explore your creations. You are sure new visitors will be interested in your stuff, then why not hook them right at the entrance?

Youtube Channel Art Dimensions

Recommended dimensions for the perfect artwork is 2560×1440 pixels. If you keep your art regulated at this size, it will show up completely on your channel. Otherwise, there are chances that some of your banner area may look blank or distorted. The minimum size of your banner should be 2048×1152 pixels. Also, maximum file size is 4 MB. There are different visible sizes depending on the devise;

  • Mobile phone displays channel art at 1546×432 pixels and so do small deskops
  • Tablets display channel art at 1855×432 pixels
  • Desktop displays channel art at 2560×432 pixels
  • TVs displays channel art up to 2560×1440 pixels

What does that even mean… Since most people use their mobile nowadays to watch youtube you should ensure that the important information is seen by the smartphone users.

See the below illistration – ensure your important youtube identity info fits into the ‘Text and Logo safe are’. If you are like me, don’t just trust the numbers, upload your banner and take a look yourself, keep resizing and re-uploading until you are happy with it. It will become your recognisable logo so make sure you get it right.

banner size for different devices
Template for Channel art different sizes – Source storage.googleapis

However, don’t worry if your designing skills are a little rusty, internet is here to help you. Following are some resources where you can find templates, design inspirations, and generators for your channel:

I advise for editing, they are super easy to use, free to customise your pics and there’s no adverts all over the place getting in your way, I personally love using canva. (no affiliate just a great product) recognise the image below?


Once you have created your banner, you need to upload it. Follow these steps to upload your channel art:

  • Go to your channel
  • Click on “Add channel art”
  • Select the image from your computer or from your gallery
  • Resize and crop, if required
  • Upload

Some popular examples of channel icon and art of 2016:

  • While Nigahiga goes with a traditional self-portrait for the icon, look at his banner. A simple artwork with the logo mentioning his real name.

    Create Youtube channel art 1
    Nigahiga channel artwork
  • Vsauce knows how to grand attention. His icon is smart and neatly done, whereas the greenish channel art reminds his audience what to expect from his videos. Don’t ignore the interesting-looking gizmo in the banner…

    Create youtube channel art example 2
    Vsauce Channel Artwork
  • Take Smosh’s case and you know they are born marketers. They have this new film coming up and they have conveniently used the channel art area to promote it. And the icon? Their logo. Perfect.

    Create youtube channel art example 3
    Smosh Channel artwork
  • YouTubers interested in anime and video games can gain inspiration from Vegetta777. Similar to what I mentioned above, he has edited his own photo in the icon to look like a video game character.

    Create youtube channel art example 3
    Vegetta Channel Artwork

Significance of Good Channel Icon and Art

As I have mentioned few times above, getting these two sections of your channel right is imperative to your success, take a look the top vloggers on youtube to see how many subscribers these guys have.

You can spend days setting up your channel – describe your channel in the “About” section or rearrange the sections and videos – but a viewer will only see these two images and decide if he/she should consider watching your videos. Looking at a default image makes the viewer think that the creator is not serious about what he does, which can work against your quest.

This next chapter is on  highlighting size and formating considerations. If you still don’t have you videos ready and are looking for youtube video ideas see our page on  to see what genre and types of material made them famous.

Moment for Sharing

If you haven’t done so already we would really appreciate if you could share with a friend who will also benefit from our site, we have put a lot of work and research to provide great info, sharing is a ranking factor for us, just as it is a ranking factor for your youtube channel.

Thanks, The Vlogging Hero Team

Vlogging Tips Art View More

Name Your Channel

How to name your Channel? Your channel is, by default, given your own name. In the above example, the channel name is “Jean Stair” because that is the name of the creator. You can change this name to whatever you want, but there is an art to creating the best youtube name for the desired theme of your videos. Alternatively, look at how PewDiePie or Vegetta777 came to be. Although they do not mean anything for other people, there must have been a reason behind using such names. (Do you know why Felix named his channel so? Let us know in the comments.

Change the Name of Your Channel

How to change Youtube Channel name, just follow these easy steps:

Tip: If the name you are trying to add is a single word, insert it under the “First name” and skip the “Last name” column

How to Pick a Good Name

The art of picking a name, as discussed before the name of the channel should totally depend on you, how you want to be perceived and the type of videos that you are going to upload. A good channel name has to be catchy enough so that your future fans can remember it, and they can share it with their friends and family. Some examples of conventional YouTube channel names are:

  • “Kitty Party” – if you are someone who uploads videos about cats
  • “FPS Maniac” – if you are into commentary videos of video games such as Battlefield or Call of Duty
  • “McMynCraft” – if you are into the popular strategy video game Minecraft
  • “Ameneme” – if you are an American who is into anime videos (nope, no connection with rapper Eminem)

But, who wants conventional names? Unless you are Jenna Marbles, you want something that gives a punch. Something like HolaSoyGerman. I’m sure most of you have missed the period at the end of the German vlogger’s channel name. (Go, check it out. I’ll wait.) A quirky name is hard to find, and new users should consider a lot of factors before choosing one. Names that are free from accent letters (à, ç) and hard words are usually recommended, but I have seen people using symbols like alpha (α) and sigma (Σ) being used in addition to English alphabets.

Generate a Name Online

How to get help picking a name? There are countless name generators available online that offer names for YouTube channels. While researching for this article, one name generator threw me this sample: Domenico Royer. That will make me look like I am a YouTube user from Mexico who posts videos about river rafting.

You can check out these websites if you are finding it hard to come up with a suitable name. Randomness is a virtue, really!

Few Important Points to Consider

  • In an age when SEO is everything, you should use your own name if you are trying to brand yourself. This way, when people search for your name on search engines, they can find your YouTube channel easily
  • Taking inspiration from YouTube bigwigs like Vegetta777 or Yuya is okay, but copying their same techniques may not work for you. The key is to stay original, both with your channel names and in your videos
  • There is a limit to the number of times that you can change your channel name. YouTube allows 3 name changes within a period of 90 days, after which it resets

How to Set a Custom Channel URL

This one will take some efforts from your side. You cannot set a custom URL immediately after creating a channel. According to YouTube’s Support forum, there are some general eligibility prerequisites, the following requirements:

  • 100 or more channel subscribers
  • Your account is at least 30 days’ old
  • Your channel has an icon picture and a channel art

Once you satisfy these essentials, you can go to the YouTube Features page ( and check if you are eligible.

Create Youtube channel step 5
Youtube Features Page

Getting a hundred subscribers may seem a daunting task at first, its not an art, if you keep the videos coming, it can be achieved in a matter of few months. Once you pass that threshold, you can go the Features page and enable the custom URL. Make sure your channel name is mentioned in the URL. An example would be

How to further change your Youtube URL

Watch this entertaining video that is perfectly made specifically for shortening your name and removing the ‘user’ part of your Youtube URL. If you don’t mind how the URL looks and don’t feel the need to change it  then move past this step.

Moving On.. Let’s take a look at how to create channel art banners

Moment for Sharing

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vlogging guide views View More

Lets highlight the Ranking factors that will affect your videos, youtube and google keep the exact ranking factors secret so that people don’t abuse the system, they try to rank based on good content. However this doesn’t stop people from testing. Here are your major ranking factors:

  • On page/video time. Amount of time viewers watch your video before clicking away.
  • Length of video
  • Number of subscribers
  • Keywords used in the opening 20 seconds
  • Keywords used during the whole video
  • Quality of video
  • Quality of sound
  • Shares on social media
  • How many websites link to your video (the more trusted the website the better, for example vs )
  • Upload subtitles to ensure the youtube bot knows your keywords

 Watch this Video

This is a video by Charisma on Command, they do videos on self improvement and social behaviour strategies, in the below video breaks down why Pewdiepie is so successful at keeping attention, which increases his on page time, which is a huge ranking factor, and arguably the reason he is the worlds most successful Vlogger. 

Make videos for your subscribers View More

How likes and views affect your subscriber count?

Likes and views are really important for YouTube videos. They can count for a lot when you try to figure out if you can become successful on YouTube. And if you want to gain more followers and subscribers you should always try to get as many likes as you can for each video that you upload. If you do this, then you are bound to get more subscribers in the process.

Getting a lot of likes and views of your videos and YouTube content can be beneficial. You should always strive to aim to get more of these because you can get some benefits out of them. Here are some benefits you will be able to gain if your videos have gotten a lot of likes and views.

Shows social proof

Likes and views can be seen as a form of social proof. The more of those you have will mean that other YouTube users will see you as popular and influential. So to become popular on YouTube, you have to aim to get more likes for your videos.

Increases your reputation

Reputation can mean everything on YouTube. And to get a good reputation, you must be popular. And as stated before, you will have to gain more likes if you want to gain a good reputation on YouTube. So be sure to get more likes and views.

Makes other people like or comment more

People are more likely to engage with your videos if they see that other people have commented or liked it. So if you want your viewers to be active, you should try to get them to like your videos in the first place. Maybe you could even ask them to post their comments and thoughts to.

Allows other people to see your videos

If you want your video to become a featured or trending one, then you will have to get more likes. YouTube will frequently feature channels that have videos with a lot of likes and views. So the more likes that you have, the better your chances of getting more views for your videos.

These are just some of the benefits that you can gain if you have got more views and likes. If you want to make your vlogging channel successful, you should always try and gain more views and likes for your videos. Doing so can be very beneficial to your channel overall. When you do get a high number of views and likes for your videos, you can expect a huge influx of followers and other kinds of benefits to come to your channel.

Whenever you want to build a YouTube channel, you should also focus on gaining a huge audience. You can interact with your followers to get more likes. Or you could try and appeal to your viewers to like the videos that you upload. You should always try to find different ways to get more likes for your videos because you can benefit a lot if you get more likes for your videos.

How audience engagement can affect views on YouTube

The engagement of your audience on YouTube can affect your video view count. If you have got an engage audience, you will receive more views. For example, if you upload vlog videos, you have to get viewers engaged and interested in your channel, especially if you want to gain their support. And the support of your viewers can make or break your channel.

It is important to make sure that your channel’s followers are engaged if you want to get them to keep watching your videos as this is a big ranking factor( for more information see our page on YouTube ranking factors). You will also directly affect the number of views you receive if you have got an engaged viewership.

How do you get an engaged audience? If you want to gain the benefits of an engaged viewership, such as more subscribers, you have to gain the support of your audience. So if you are vlogging or just uploading random videos, you should follow these tips to gain a more engage audience.

Reply to their comments

You can directly reply to the comments that are posted on your videos. If you do this, then you will be able to directly interact with your viewers. And this may create a favorable opinion of you and your channel.

Hold activities and contests

You can also host giveaways or other types of content, to encourage your viewers to engage with your videos. Doing so will increase the number of views, comments and likes that your videos will receive. So it is always a good idea to host an activity for your channel.

Give shout outs to them in your videos

You can also directly give shout outs to your viewers in your videos. If you do this, then you can brighten the day of some of your followers. After all, some of them look up to you. And your viewers will also eagerly watch all of your videos too, and this will increase your video view count.

Try to include part of your video for your audience

You could also dedicate the last part of your videos to reply or address some of the comments from other users. This is a very easy thing to do, and it makes your viewers have a positive opinion of you too.

Take their suggestions into consideration

Another way you can show that you are listening to your audience is by taking their suggestions into considerations. This could mean the audio or video quality of your videos, or it may be the kind of content that you are uploading. If you want to gain more views, it is always a good idea to listen to suggestions.

When you have got an engaged audience for your YouTube channel, you will get more views for your videos. Audience engagement is really important, especially if you want to get more views. So if yo really want to make your channel successful, you have to focus to try to get your audience engaged. You can follow the above tips to achieve that. The success of your YouTube channel will depend on your viewers.

7  Things you can do to get more views

When you are on YouTube, uploading a new video is simply not enough. You will have to do a lot more than that to gain more views. So if you want to get more views and followers, you can just follow some of these tips:

Live stream something you are doing.

Livestreams are a great way to make people tune into your channel. They are relatively easy to set up too, so you should have problems creating a live stream at all. And what is better is the fact that you can create a live stream on multiple platforms so that you could be creating a stream on Facebook, Twitch, or YouTube, all at the same time.

Be consistent with a regular upload schedule.

When you are consistent with a regular upload schedule, you indirectly let people know that you are a channel that is worth following. So if you want to gain followers, you should upload at a regular rate. This means that if you are committed to vlogging, try to upload a vlog at least a few times a week.

Link viewers to your other videos.

In the annotations of your video, or in your video description, you should try to link your other videos that have relevant content. If you do this, you can make get your viewers to watch all of your videos. Creating a playlist of your videos is also a good idea. This makes it easier for your viewers to find all of your videos.

Hold special events for your YouTube channel.

These kinds of special events could be video giveaways or contests; wherein you will feature someone else on your YouTube channel. Another way you can create a special event for your YouTube channel is to create a holiday video, such as a special video during Halloween, or something related.

Upload a lot of content or YouTube.

If you want to gain more subscribers, you should upload a lot of content onto your YouTube channel. The more videos that you upload, you will be able to gain a lot more followers this way. This is because people are more likely to subscribe to you if they see that you have got a lot of content worth watching. You could even create another YouTube channel that is related to your original channel. If you have got more content, you will get more views.

Do not be afraid to try out new things.

People always love new content, so you can try out new things if you want to draw in more subscribers and views. You could try shooting in a new location, or with a new technique, you could even try introducing new people into your channel.

Try to ask other users to share your videos.

If you have got family or friends, you could also ask them to share your content. Doing this will enable you to easily spread the word about your YouTube channel. This is a form of free advertising, so do not be shy to ask people to share your videos.

Channel Vlogging View More

Have you noticed that so many YouTube users are focused on gaining more subscribers and followers for their channels? Are you wondering why they do this?

Why gaining more views on YouTube is important

Views on YouTube are a form of currency, and they can help your channel a lot. If you gain more views, then you can increase the chances of success for your YouTube channel.

For example, if you upload vlogging videos, the more views that you gain, the more that your vlog has higher chances of getting featured. So you should focus on getting more views for each video that you have.

Why should you do this? There are a lot of reasons for you to upload content that is geared towards gaining as many views as possible. Ideally, the videos that you upload are designed to capture views. And here are some of the reasons why you should focus on gaining views for your videos.

Better Search Optimization

In the search queries for videos, YouTube will often list videos with high view counts at the top of the search page. So if you want to make it easier for people to find your videos, you have got to have a lot of views.

Higher chances of getting featured

When you want to get featured on YouTube’s homepage, you will also have to get a lot of views to get there. So if you want to have the recognition that comes with being a featured video, then you should try to get more views.

More views equals more views in the future

People are more inclined to click on a video and watch it if it already has got a lot of views. So to draw more views in the future, you will also have to start gaining more views in the present. Having a lot of videos right now will ensure that the future of your videos will be good.

Videos will become trending

If your video start gaining views rapidly, you will slowly get a higher chance of becoming a trending video. Trending videos will often become viral. So if you want that viral status, you will have to start gaining more views first.

These are only some of the reasons why views are so important for your channel, but as you can see, there are already quite a lot of them. Even one of these reasons could help your YouTube channel immensely. So if you want to gain more success as a YouTube user, you will have to focus on getting more views. To become a successful YouTube user and community member, you will have to gain more followers and subscribers, and the only way to do this is to have a lot of views for each of your videos. If you have gotten a lot of video views, then you can certainly start your career as a YouTube user. And to ensure the success of your career as a YouTube member, you will have to focus on gaining more views!

8 Tips to help you get more views for YouTube

One of the measures of success on YouTube is the number of followers and subscribers that you have. A vlog channel that gets a lot of views for a video that it uploads is sure to become successful.

Try and check the number of views that your videos have; the more views that your video has, the more likely it is that you will become a YouTube success. However, getting those videos views can be hard. Not everyone can be extremely lucky.

Fortunately, you do not have to be lucky to gain more views; you can just follow these tips if you want to have more success for your channel.

Tip: Hire a VA to write a thousand comments on other related pages for as little as $10.

  1. Upload a catchy or to attract more people into clicking your videos. Using a good looking thumbnail will let people be enticed into clicking your Youtube video. More people will watch your videos if they like how your thumbnail looks.
  2. Social Media – Another tip you can follow to draw more views to your YouTube video page is to share your videos or channel content on social media platforms. You can post links to your videos on websites such as Reddit, or Facebook. You should try sharing your YouTube content onto those other kinds of social media.
  3. Try to purchase advertising slots for your YouTube channel if you do then you can make people more aware of what you are uploading onto YouTube. Purchasing advertising is an effective way to make people more aware of the kind of content that you have to offer.
  4. Uploading good content onto your YouTube page is another important thing that you can focus on. Focus on creating quality content for your videos. If you want to make sure that viewers will watch the videos that you upload, you must try to upload content that is worth watching too.
  5. Video Title – Writing a good title for your videos is also another way that you can gain more views. You should think up and use a good title for your videos. People are more likely to click and watch a Youtube video if it has got a catchy title that draws them into your video.
  6. Collaborate with other channels – Try to reach out, collaborate and interact with other successful Vloggers.
  7. Video comments exposure – Do this by replying to comments or liking other videos. These kinds of activities can increase the awareness of your video with other viewers and users, and it also increases the reputation of your channel too, you don’t need to do this yourself, you can hire a VA to do this for you and get them to write a thousand comments for $10, but don’t be a spammer, remember your comments represent your channel.
  8. Write a detailed description in your YouTube video, and make sure to include keywords. If you do this, it makes it easier for people to find your videos. And it also gives them an idea of what to expect if they do watch it.
  9. Learn how to market your youtube channel buy learning about viewer behaviour.

All of these tips can help all kinds of YouTube channels. From vlogging channels to music ones, as long as you keep these tips in mind, you are sure to gain more followers for your YouTube channel, and you can also gain a lot more views too.

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youtube channel top 10 View More

Vlogging, or video blogging as it is otherwise known, is a way of life to today’s YouTubers. Every day, countless videos are uploaded on video sharing platforms like YouTube and Vimeo by self-styled people from around the world.

These are mostly vloggers who showcase their obscure, and sometimes weird, talents through the power of video, and while at it, have a go at becoming instant celebrities. YouTube, which Google acquired in 2005, is the de-facto destination of vloggers.

Working a hot dog stand to earning 10s of millions of dollars a year vlogging on YouTube

What is a YouTuber

A YouTuber is YouTube vlogger, a person who regularly video blogs and gains fame and popularity on YouTube.

How Much Do YouTubers Get Paid

Youtube gets close to 4 billion views per day, and according to Alexa, it is the second most popular website in the world. So, it is of no surprise to learn that the top video uploaders on YouTube are also some of the biggest, most powerful, most famous, highest paid, and most influential internet personalities in the world.

Forbes is taking note of YouTubers now as the income of vloggers is exponentially increasing by the year , these internet celebrities, the top YouTube vloggers earned a combined $70.5 million in the 12 months ending in June 2016.

While we discuss what videos we would turn to laugh at if Felix Kjellberg decides to actually quit, here is a list of the top YouTube stars in the world, determined by the total number of channel subscribers and other parameters. (Don’t know who Felix is? We have got you covered.)

Lets review some of the top YouTubers:

Fine Brothers

This YouTuber duo create online content in the form of sketches and web series, and probably best known for their hit show running since 2010, “REACT”, this American duo consisting of Benny Fine and Rafi Fine are two of the pioneers of Youtube vlogging.

They began publishing their content on their channel from as early as 2004, and have quickly come to expand their repertoire, adding videos like sitcoms, television shows, and even feature films. With a YouTube channel created in 2007, they have uploaded more than 1000 videos which have garnered close to 4.5 billion views from over 14.5 million subscribers, these guys are heavyweight veteran YouTubers.

Interestingly, in early 2016, their YouTube channel lost hundreds of thousands of followers when they tried to license and trademark the term “React”.


With over 16 million Youtube subscribers, this Spanish born YouTuber is the most prolific vlogger in this list, with over 3100 videos uploaded and counting.

His videos, which are colorful gaming vlogs, commentaries of him playing video games like Minecraft, have been watched close to 6 billion times. However, don’t be fooled if you can’t understand a thing when you go to his channel. He narrates only in Spanish.


This 23-year old Vlogger from Mexico, who goes by the name of “lady16makeup”, is a beauty Vlogger. Her videos are directed at women and mostly are DIYs about make-up and beauty. She often experiments with the latest beauty styles that are in vogue and tries to ascertain their feasibility, much too comical outcomes.

With the right amount of humor, and an aim to promote gender equality, she is one of the most loved YouTubers in the country. She has over 16.6 million followers and is the 16th most subscribed YouTube channel owner.

In 2015, women’s magazine Bustle named the Mexican youngster, Yuya the highest paid beauty blogger in the world, with Ad Age estimating that she earned something to the tune of $41,000 a month. And here we thought make-up was overrated.

Jenna Marbles

This New YorkYouTuber runs the top YouTube channel owned by a woman, and is known for her slapstick comedy videos. She does a lot of stuff: from reviewing apps to doing carpool karaoke to poking fun at stereotypes.

More than 16.6 million people have subscribed to her YouTube channel, with her videos receiving over 2 billion views. Her videos about obscure DIYs have attracted the attention of authoritative publications such as ABC News and the Guardian.

In 2011, The New York Times featured an article on her video titled, “How To Avoid Talking To People You Don’t Want To Talk To”.


A black belt rank holder in Judo and a trained wrestler, this talented YouTuber is a comedian and has over 18.8 million subscribers to his comedy videos. Ryan Higa, who is of Japanese descent, started with lip-syncing videos, which he uploaded on his YouTube channel in mid-2006. But, he is now more popular for his how-to sketches where he pokes fun at superheroes and ninjas.

Although music copyright held him back for some time in the last decade, he has managed to convince YouTube to put his videos back online. Your videos get more than 3 billion views and Google doesn’t listen to you? Not going to happen.


Video game commentary seemed to be the shiz right now as Vegetta777 has already shown us. While Ozzy Man Reviews is the adult version of commentating, 24-year old Evan Fong from Canada makes it easy for the lower age groups.

His videos are centered around him playing video games with his friends’, and delivering a light-hearted take on the gameplay. Started in 2011, Vanoss, as he is fondly called, has more than 19 million followers.

El Rubius

Another young Spaniard in the list, Ruben Gundersen is the top YouTuber of Spain. His videos mostly include gameplay with commentaries and vlogs where he samples stuff from films to social media.

He does it with so much panache that kids love him and want to be him. Started in 2011, El Rubius OMG has close to 22 million followers with the total video hits touching 4.5 billion.

In December 2016, he interviewed Chris Pratt and JLaw, and that is enough to make sure that you take him seriously.


Talk about diversity Youtubers and you think of Smosh. The duo from America have owned their channel since 2005, and since then, have held the crown of the most subscribed channel thrice – yep bringing ‘trice’ back into fashion, means 3 times.

The loudness and brightness in their YouTube content, which includes video sketches and honest trailers, have helped them gain popularity over the previous decade.

With a website that boasts of a million hits a month, Smosh is regarded as one of the most influential YouTubers of all time. They even have a film, Ghostmates.


Holasoygerman is a bilingual YouTuber and the only YouTuber in the list with two different channels, both of which have massive numbers of subscribers, Chilean vlogger German Garmendia is known for his fast-paced music videos where he also commentates.

First started vlogging in 2011, Garmendia’s channel is the second most subscribed on YouTube. He has won the MTV Icon of the Year award twice, in 2014 and 2015, years in which he also appeared on YouTube Rewind.


Arguably the most loved YouTuber or gamer currently around, he was born Felix Kjellberg in Sweden. He used to work at a hot dog stand to fund his videos, which are mostly video game commentaries.

By commentating on the gameplay, he also reviews them, which has immoderately affected the indie video game industry, so much that one negative review from him is enough for the game to bite the dust. The only vlogger who has also used his channel for humanitarian purposes, Kjellberg’s channel has retained the most number of user subscriptions since 2013.

In November 2016, PewDiePie said that he was facing issues with YouTube’s algorithm, and announced that he would delete his channel if and when it reaches 50 million subscriptions. Well, it already has, and Pewdiepie’s channel is still live.

IME magazine called him one of the most influential people in 2016, and Forbes tells us that Pewdiepie took home around $15 million that year, testifying that he is also the most successful.

Notable to the times that we live in, Kjellberg lives with Marzia Bisognin (aka CutiePieMarzia), also a YouTuber, whom he met online.

Become a YouTuber and Start Earning

While these twelve people dominate YouTube, there are tons of other vloggers who are out there, possibly creating better content. You can be one of them, too.

Check out our buying guide for the best cameras for YouTube. If you are a budget buyer we also have an article on the cheapest vlogging camera with all the important features you need.

Vlogging is a trending seriously profitable profession right now, and checking our Get Started section will help you find ways and techniques to gain more users and to be the next artist sponsored by YouTube Red.

Steps to become youtube channel View More

Do you want to become a vlogger? Do you want to learn how to become an engaging vlog personality on YouTube? You will be glad to find out that vlogging on YouTube isn’t rocket science, but it does require some work on your part before you can become successful.

By using this basic step-by-step guide on how to start vlogging on your YouTube channel, you will be prepared to produce quality video content for the masses.

1) Get a Good Vlogging Camera

Any device that has the ability to record a video such as smartphone, a tablet or a laptop webcam can help you to blog. However, if you want to produce quality content on YouTube, then it’s recommended that you use a good camera.

You are more likely to attract more YouTube subscribers if your videos are shot in High Definition. Poor quality videos, such as videos that are excessively blurry, won’t cut it on YouTube.

You will need a camera that will pick up the audio so that viewers can understand what you are saying. You will also need a camera that presents stunning visuals so that it will leave a lasting impression on viewers. It also helps that the camera you use for vlogging isn’t too heavy for you to hold up and carry around.

There are plenty of good choices for vlogging cameras, such as the Canon Powershot G7X, which is used by successful YouTube vloggers FunForLouis and Case Neistat.

There is also the Canon 70D, which is used by vlogger Zoella, as it comes with a continuous automatic focus feature. Another example would be the Sony NEX-5RK-B, which contains 16.1 MP shooting power, interchangeable lenses, and full HD movie shooting at 60fps/24fps.

2) Create a YouTube Channel

While you can create your own channel on other sites like Vimeo or Dailymotion, YouTube is the most efficient platform to use for attracting the most subscribers. A YouTube channel is easy to create as you will be taken through an easy setup process.

3) Start Vlogging About What You Like

Once you have created a YouTube channel, you can start vlogging yourself on your camera. Go through some test runs with vlogging at first and find out what you are comfortable discussing on your vlog. What do you like? Are you an expert on a niche topic or activity?

Do you like to talk about filming and editing videos? Do you like to discuss social media topics? Before you start discussing anything on a vlog, pinpoint your own interests and stick with what intrigues you.

When you vlog don’t overthink about anything. You should vlog at your own pace and talk about whatever is on your mind. Make sure that with your vlogging camera you have good lighting and visuals, and also make sure that you speak clearly without taking any long silence periods.

It is very important that your vlogging experience is an interactive experience, meaning your audience of subscribers have to be involved. Connect with your YouTube subscribers on a more personal level by asking them questions.

Ask your audience how they feel about your vlogs and if you need to change anything about your vlogs. Engaging with your subscribers means that you care about them, and replying to their comments also makes a big difference in how they enjoy your channel.

Throughout your vlogs always present your own unique flare for subscribers to take in. How you introduce yourself, how you carry a conversation, and how you sign out in your vlogs resonates with your subscribers.

For example, Stephen Georg, a successful YouTube vlogger who has a channel called StephenVlog, starts his vlogs by saying “Hello, and welcome to (Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, etc.)!” and he wraps up his vlogs by saying “Let’s meet back tomorrow, shall we?” Always be yourself and have fun when you vlog.

4) Edit Your Vlog

Editing your videos is a great way of making your vlog library look professional. Editing allows you to cut out parts of vlogs you don’t want to show in videos, making the viewing experience more enjoyable for your subscribers. Basic editing software programs like Apple iMovie and Windows Live Movie Maker will help you improve the quality of your vlogs. CyberLink PowerDirector 15 Deluxe is also recommended for beginning vloggers since it is very accessible and functional.

5) Upload Your Vlog 

It is a simple process to upload videos on YouTube. Click on the “Upload” button in the top right corner of the main page, and you will be guided through the process from there. You select your chosen vlog file on your computer to upload, or you can choose other options such as importing content from Google Photos and creating a photo slideshow. YouTube also has its own Video Editor option where you can merge content such as your vlog footage and photos.

6) Promote Your Videos and your Channel

 Once you upload vlogs to YouTube you will need to promote your content to keep the followers you have and to reach out to new subscribers. Using social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn to promote your vlogs will help get your name out there on the internet. Share your content in creative ways, such as using unique hashtags and appealing one-line messages. Describe what kind of activity is going on in your vlogs when you promote them.

7) Keep a Consistent Schedule

 Once you start your vlog, you must keep a consistent schedule of recording videos. You will not get many views overnight, but if you remain consistent you will get the audience you seek. It’s a matter of what type of vlogging schedule you want to have, whether it’s daily vlogs, weekly vlogs or a more randomized schedule.

Continue to network with other YouTube members, bloggers and friends on social media and be willing to schedule collaboration projects with other people if possible. Word on your vlog will get out faster this way.

Early on if you face constructive criticism from your followers, stay positive and don’t worry. Criticism is the best way for you to find out what you need to be doing better when you record your vlogs. Take in the positive comments about your vlog and ignore the excessively negative comments.

8) Make money from your youtube channel

 After vlogging for some time you will notice growth in your subscriber base and views for your videos. It’s important to monetize off the content you make. The YouTube Partners Program offers you the chance to earn money through advertisements placed before or after your videos.

The more subscribers you get the higher benefit levels you will reach, such as Graphite, Opal, Bronze, Silver and Gold Benefit Levels. However, posting copyrighted material on your vlogs will result in strikes or channel termination, so don’t add any copyright protected songs to your videos.

Alternatively if you want to add on to what you earn on the YouTube Partners Program, you can sign up on Patreon where your followers can donate money to your account, which will support your vlog channel.