Change your Youtube Channel Name and Custom URL

Name Your Channel

How to name your Channel? Your channel is, by default, given your own name. In the above example, the channel name is “Jean Stair” because that is the name of the creator. You can change this name to whatever you want, but there is an art to creating the best youtube name for the desired theme of your videos. Alternatively, look at how PewDiePie or Vegetta777 came to be. Although they do not mean anything for other people, there must have been a reason behind using such names. (Do you know why Felix named his channel so? Let us know in the comments.

Change the Name of Your Channel

How to change Youtube Channel name, just follow these easy steps:

Tip: If the name you are trying to add is a single word, insert it under the “First name” and skip the “Last name” column

How to Pick a Good Name

The art of picking a name, as discussed before the name of the channel should totally depend on you, how you want to be perceived and the type of videos that you are going to upload. A good channel name has to be catchy enough so that your future fans can remember it, and they can share it with their friends and family. Some examples of conventional YouTube channel names are:

  • “Kitty Party” – if you are someone who uploads videos about cats
  • “FPS Maniac” – if you are into commentary videos of video games such as Battlefield or Call of Duty
  • “McMynCraft” – if you are into the popular strategy video game Minecraft
  • “Ameneme” – if you are an American who is into anime videos (nope, no connection with rapper Eminem)

But, who wants conventional names? Unless you are Jenna Marbles, you want something that gives a punch. Something like HolaSoyGerman. I’m sure most of you have missed the period at the end of the German vlogger’s channel name. (Go, check it out. I’ll wait.) A quirky name is hard to find, and new users should consider a lot of factors before choosing one. Names that are free from accent letters (à, ç) and hard words are usually recommended, but I have seen people using symbols like alpha (α) and sigma (Σ) being used in addition to English alphabets.

Generate a Name Online

How to get help picking a name? There are countless name generators available online that offer names for YouTube channels, not so many for twitch. But what i didn’t like is that they were computer generated and were not so creative, lacking a human touch, so we decided to make out own. See our new name generator  Twitch and Youtube name generator. (added April 2019)

Few Important Points to Consider

  • In an age when SEO is everything, you should use your own name if you are trying to brand yourself. This way, when people search for your name on search engines, they can find your YouTube channel easily
  • Taking inspiration from YouTube bigwigs like Vegetta777 or Yuya is okay, but copying their same techniques may not work for you. The key is to stay original, both with your channel names and in your videos
  • There is a limit to the number of times that you can change your channel name. YouTube allows 3 name changes within a period of 90 days, after which it resets

How to Set a Custom Channel URL

This one will take some efforts from your side. You cannot set a custom URL immediately after creating a channel. According to YouTube’s Support forum, there are some general eligibility prerequisites, the following requirements:

  • 100 or more channel subscribers
  • Your account is at least 30 days’ old
  • Your channel has an icon picture and a channel art

Once you satisfy these essentials, you can go to the YouTube Features page ( and check if you are eligible.

Create Youtube channel step 5
Youtube Features Page

Getting a hundred subscribers may seem a daunting task at first, its not an art, if you keep the videos coming, it can be achieved in a matter of few months. Once you pass that threshold, you can go the Features page and enable the custom URL. Make sure your channel name is mentioned in the URL. An example would be

How to further change your Youtube URL

Watch this entertaining video that is perfectly made specifically for shortening your name and removing the ‘user’ part of your Youtube URL. If you don’t mind how the URL looks and don’t feel the need to change it  then move past this step.

Moving On.. Let’s take a look at how to create channel art banners

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Thanks, The Vlogging Hero Team

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