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A Complete Guide to Creating and Running a YouTube Channel 2017. This is everything you need to start your YouTube account, we would advise you bookmark this site to refer back to as you create your own Channel YouTube account.

The Ultimate Guide for Creating Youtube Channel

We include screenshots and step by step instruction. Please share with any other friends and family who also want to start their own youtube channel. You can click on any of the headings on the table of contents below ‘The Good Stuff’ to take you directly to the info you need.

How many people use Youtube?

A Lot, most internet users have a YouTube account even if they don’t use it. According to a US-based statistics portal, in 2013, close to 60 percent of internet users in the States had an account on the video sharing platform ie YouTube.

How many people use youtube
How many people use youtube – screenshot from

You can only imagine how that number has increased in these three years, and will increase as we move forward in 2017. Although there are other sites such as Vimeo and Dailymotion, the ease of use that YouTube provides has made it the destination for people who are looking for entertainment (vlogs, music videos, comedy sketches, movies) or information (tutorial videos, news, current affairs, world affairs) among other things.

Fame and Money on YouTube 2017

There are mainly two types of YouTube users – one who watch videos and other who create and share them. This article is about how you can become the latter and how to start your own youtube channel. Internet sensations like PewDiePie and iiSuperwomanii fall in this category.

They have their own YouTube channels through which they generate content and share it with the world. Millions of people follow them and anticipate their uploads. And, it wouldn’t be surprising to know that they make millions doing what they do. Below is a quote from the guardian talking about the 23% rise in money made by YouTube stars from 2015 to 2016, It is going to be even higher in 2017. Take a minute to look at our table of best vlogging channels by number of subscribers

Forbes’ ranking of the 12 highest-earning YouTube stars shows they collectively earned £55m in the past 12 months, an increase of 23% on last year.

And, I wouldn’t be surprised if even you are thinking of creating your own channel and beginning your journey to 2017 internet stardom. It’s something that we have all thought of sometime in our lives, yet stayed back due to lack of either motivation or the knowledge of where to start.

It is for this reason that we have prepared this comprehensive guide to creating a YouTube channel so that you can put your talent out there for people to appreciate and hit those Like and Subscribe buttons.

How to Create a YouTube Channel

How to create a YouTube Channel, first you need a Google account. While you don’t need a Google account to watch YouTube videos, logging in with your Gmail ID would give you access to extra features on YouTube, like subscribing to your favorite YouTube channels and creating a watchlist.

If you really not sure if you have a Google account, then here are the steps:

Steps to create a Google account for YouTube

  • Go to (the link for YouTube home page)
  • Click on “Sign in” at the top-right corner
  • Click on “Create account” just below the “sign in” form
  • Enter your details, and make sure you add a valid phone number. (You can use it for verification purposes and to access your account if you ever get locked out in future.)

Things to know – Youtube is owned by Google – therefore your YouTube and Google accounts are completely connected, when setting up a YouTube account don’t get confused if you are asked to set up a google account as it is the same thing. Keep in mind that Google is the parent company, How does this affect you? It doesn’t, it is a little confusing at first but it will all be ok in the end.

Tip: When creating a Google account, make sure you use your real name in the email ID. It wouldn’t be pragmatically right to use something like [email protected]. Use your first and last names and some numbers to create an ideal ID. E.g.: [email protected]. It is also best to avoid adding your year of birth.

Create Youtube channel step 1
Google account sign-up screenshot

Once you have successfully created a Google account, the next step is to create a YouTube channel. Doing so will grant you the next level of rights such as uploading videos, commenting on them, and even creating playlists.

Steps to create a YouTube Channel

  • Go to and make sure you are signed-in with your Google email ID (this means sign into google first, and open YouTube on the same browser.
  • Try uploading a video or commenting on one. Since you do not already have a channel, you will be automatically prompted with a dialog box like this:
Create Youtube channel step 2
Creating a YouTube Account screenshot

Tip: Verifying your account will enable you to upload videos longer than 15 minutes. Since YouTube is home to a lot of spam videos, this step is highly recommended so that your account stays away from the blacklist.

Setting up Your YouTube Channel

Once you have created a channel, you are automatically granted most of the basic features. You can upload, comment, create playlists, flag spam videos, and do a huge list of other stuff. But, as a vlogger, you need to set up your channel before you can start uploading videos.

  • Go to
    Create Youtube channel step 3 and go to your channel. Click on the three horizontal lines beside the YouTube logo on the top-left corner
Youtube Custom URL
Youtube URL Example

Since you are just starting up, the URL of your channel will be something like this:

You can customize this URL into something more specific and easier so that your audience can remember it. However, you need to satisfy few eligibility requirements before you can do that. (More on that later.)

When you go to your channel for the first time, this is what you will see:

Create Youtube channel step 4
Your brand new YouTube Channel home page – screenshot

Nice..!!! Now you are ready to get started on personalising your channel, read the next chapter on create youtube channel art.

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