Dr Disrespect Funny Memes

Dr Disrespect might go to hell for his dastardly deeds, but we’ll be meeting him there for re-posting memes about him. His Twitch still banned, check for yourself.

Our top 5 funny memes of the Doc 

1 The one with Kim Jong Il’s hair as his moustache

dr disrespect with kim jong il hair as moustache

2 The meme with the Doc as a background color option.

computer color as transparent dr disrespect

3 The meme of Dr disrespect as a gaming card

Dr disrespect gaming card cheating and rage

4 The four horsemen meme with the doc as ‘transparency’.

the four horsemen of apocalypse dr disrespect meme

5 The cheating doc film poster meme

the cheating doc poster dr disrespect

The Dr Disrespect Meme Runners up 

The meme with the guns, movie poster. The shear quality of this meme, well done! 

Dr disrespect movie poster with guns meme

The doc in bed with his wife meme. 

doc in bed with his wife meme

Another transparent about cheating on his wife meme. 

The who would win version, between his wife and a transparent boy. 

who would win between dr disrespect and his wife

The hmmm meme

hhhmmmm meme doc dis

The dr disrespect comeback on twitter. 

dr disrespect comeback meme

The doc in the crowd at a match

Doc in the crowd

Another doc as a dad joke

Doc in the car

Just a pic of Dr Disrespect in the bathroom stall

dr disrespect in the bathroom stall

Dr Disrespecting his wife 

dr disrespecting his wife girl giving blowjob

Feel free to send some more in. but for now…

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