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This is the start of our comprehensive  guide to the different tactics and strategies for increasing your fan base and get more subscribers. The more subscribers and page views you get, the more fame and money you will make from your YouTube Channel

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The Basics – How to Get Youtube Subscribers

YouTube is the new entertainment center of the internet. It has millions of viewers per day, and it just keeps growing. If you love vlogging and have a YouTube channel, you will want to get more subscribers. The more subscribers that you have, the more views your videos will receive, the more you will be featured etc.

So it is important to have a lot of subscribers if you want to be successful on YouTube. And there are a few methods that you can try out to ensure that you get a lot more subscribers on YouTube. Other than choosing the best vlogging equipment and following our walkthrough guide on creating a good youtube channel, following all of these methods is a guaranteed way to receive more views for your YouTube channel.

Engage with your audience

You can engage with your audience in some different ways. Try responding to them in your comments, or even in your videos. If you engage with your audience, you can get a lot of loyalty from your viewers. By doing this, you can increase your chances to get more subscribers for your channel. So be sure to be nice to your audience, if you want to get more subscribers.

Collaborate with other YouTubers

Another way that you can gain more followers is by collaborating with other YouTubers. You gain exposure this way, and it also makes you known to the other subscribers of other channels. This will also increase your reputation because you are going to be featured on another established YouTube user’s channel.

Promote your YouTube channel

You should consider paying for ads that can promote your channel. You should also try posting ads for your channel on other social media platforms such as forums. You will also get more exposure this way, and it is also a useful way to get more people aware of your channel.

Vlog content regularly

Try and establish a regular upload schedule when you do own a channel. If you do this, then people will know that you have got a channel worth subscribing to because you are going to have content ready at regular times. A regular upload of videos will allow you to gain more subscribers.

Use a catchy thumbnail and title

A sure-fire way to draw in more views for your videos is to use an attractive thumbnail and to write a catchy title. More people will click on your video if you have got a video that seems like it is worth watching.

Following all of these methods, you should be able to get a lot more followers on YouTube. So be sure to keep in mind all of these tips, if you want to get more subscribers on YouTube. You should also be persistent; getting YouTube followers does not happen overnight, you have got to wait for a bit. However, if you are patient and persistent, you should be able to get enough YouTube followers to become a hit on YouTube. You could easily become the next big thing on YouTube if you get enough followers on that video-sharing website.

How to increase the reputation of your YouTube channel

YouTube is one of the fastest growing social media websites on the internet. It’s user-generated videos receive tens of millions of views daily. Vlog channels can gain more views and more subscribers, if they have got a good reputation. So if you want a successful YouTube vlogging career, or if you simply want success for your channel, then you should follow these tips.

When you upload a video on YouTube, and you have got a lot of followers, you can instantly gain tens of thousands of views in only a few minutes. And those views can directly translate into ad revenue. How do you gain more views for your videos? That is by growing your YouTube channel. And you can grow your channel in many different ways. And one way of growing your channel is to increase your reputation on YouTube.

How do you increase your reputation on YouTube? There are a number of different things you can do to do this. Just follow some of these guides below to learn how to do so.

Verify your YouTube username

When you verify your username, it shows other YouTube viewers that you are a person worth trusting. You can verify your YouTube name in some different ways. One way is to email YouTube or do it by phone. If you verify your YouTube username, you also unlock more features and options for your channel. Verifying your name will make a blue checkmark appear on the side of your name, and when people see this blue checkmark, they will trust you more.

Work with other YouTube users

Try and collaborate with other YouTube users; this could greatly increase your reputation on the website. Doing so will also let you get more subscribers from the other views by those users. You should try and work with other well-known YouTube users if you want to benefit from collaboration.

Have other social media accounts

You should also maintain several other social media accounts, such as Twitter or Reddit. When you have got other social media accounts, you also let people know that you are active elsewhere on the internet. This also has the bonus of allowing you to gain more followers on multiple social media accounts.

The higher your reputation is on YouTube, the more views that your videos will get. So be sure to follow all of these guides to the letter, if you want to earn a better reputation on YouTube. Trust is the biggest factor in determining whether or not you will get a lot of views for your channel. So your reputation is everything, especially if you want more success as a YouTube user.

When you are going to be a YouTube user, you will probably want more subscribers. And in some cases, the only way to get more subscribers is by having a stellar reputation. So try and gain that good reputation, to earn more followers, there are many other ranking factors to help be featured on YouTube however lets go step by step.

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