New insights on how to make money on YouTube in 2019

To make serious money on YouTube in 2019, you should think “out of the box.” Out of the box, in this case, also means out of YouTube.

Yes, the situation has dramatically changed since the first “how to make money on YouTube” videos, and we try to be the first to bring you the new insight into the industry.

Summing up what we heard from the social media gurus at the Collision Conference and interviews previously conducted, we are bringing you the guidance on how to make money on YouTube in 2019.

Niche Over Mass

Some things as the “paying in advance” formula will never change. If you ever wanted to make money on YouTube, the method remained the same throughout the years. Building up your community and giving value before applying for sponsorships is still a good strategy. But something did change.


In 2019, as it is for some time, YouTube is overcrowded with content without purpose. Like it was never before, it is of most importance to find your target audience.

So, content is a king, but you need to define the borders of your kingdom. With new insights that brands are getting from companies like Hypr, brands can analyze your channel very thoroughly.

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For example, in the past, brands wanted to know the percentage of your audience in the US. Nowadays, they want to know which portion of your audience is in the specific city within the US, followed by the age and gender of that audience.

It is because brands will pay only for reaching out to the specific type of audience that might have an interest in their products. If you are confused about your target audience, you won’t be able to pitch it to brands.


Therefore, it is smart to think about the audience before making content. It is simple – if you are creating content on everything, you will end up with nothing. It is a much better strategy to position yourself as an expert that is “paying in advance” to the audience that needs your expertise. Unless you are a game streamer, then you just need to play well and be entertaining, the popularity of the game will do the rest. 

Nowadays, YouTube is more and more a media channel. But, we tend not to trust the media, and this is another effect you should take care of when trying to make money on YouTube, trust means a lot! 

Natural Over Exclusivity

In the past, brands had an intent to cut off their competitors by signing the exclusivity contracts with influencers. That was the primary ask before, but they are moving away from that model. It is because viewers want to feel it is more authentic.


Brands realized that the audience is quick to abandon the advice when realizing that sponsored content is one-sided. The recent trend is that even the most prominent brands tend to step out of the comfort of exclusivity.

Most viewers are listening about “giving the value” and “making the world a better place.” But if connected with exclusive content, this behavior leads to disbelief. So, building up your community by stating that you are giving them value and presenting only one brand will ruin your channel.

As we heard on Collision 2019, viewers can sense that the content creator lost the instinct that made him start the channel. So, you should find your core value, and try different products that fit with it.

You should approach your audience more naturally, using other products, too. Always try to avoid the sense of the media channel and shoot as natural as possible.

Following this, there is also a rise in the popularity of live or less edited videos. Although it resembles the beginnings of YouTube, this trend did come from other social media.

Short Message Over Viewing Time


YouTube had a good run as a first influencer platform, and according to Henry from Hypr, it is still the first choice for brands.

However, platforms like Twitch and TikTok are growing so fast.

It is because people love live content and the abovementioned natural view. Besides Twitch and TikTok, we can spot this in Instagram stories that are gaining popularity, too. According to Henry, the same amount goes to grid posts and stories. Still, for the same money, far more campaigns are going on for Instagram stories.

Under the influence, YouTube is migrating to shorter content that delivers message very fast. So, you should acknowledge these trends and:

  1. Make short and impactful videos
  2. Do it live instead of pre-recorded
  3. Collaborate with different creators and platforms

Collaboration Over Creation


Same as it goes for the brands, you should collaborate with other YouTubers. There is no doubt that other YouTubers can help out in gaining the more significant reach. Of course, senior YouTuber wouldn’t have interest if you are a starter.

First, choose your tribe. Second, communicate and collaborate with your tribe. Henry suggested that it is essential to focus on the cross-pollination of audiences. When two influencers are good friends, and they appear on each other’s videos, they will naturally appeal to combined audiences.

So instead of trying to find ambiguous new followers discover influencers that have audiences similar to yours. That way, by overlapping your audience, both will expand the number of followers that weren’t common.


Also, commenting and supporting other channels is crucial. Since we mentioned the “paying in advance” mode, you should make the first move. After all, helping out someone that is starting won’t make you a competitor.

In this manner, all should do what Jim Bankoff from Vox media stated at Collision, as they are also “trying to help other institutions and help the industry as well.”

As Vox media and other agencies are facing the struggle with Facebook and Google, your competitors are much larger channels as Instagram, Twitch, and Facebook.

How to make money on YouTube in 2019

As Henry from Hypr stated, the artistic part of making money on YouTube comes from the fit of the channel and the campaign for the brand. It is vital that the content has topics, keywords, hashtags that resonate with the brand campaign messaging. The crucial question is: Do channels have a story that makes sense to piggyback the brand?


For example, a hairstyle vlog is easy to connect with new shampoo campaign or tech reviews with the latest gadget. According to Henry, those influencers should charge more, and that is for sure. If the influencer had many deals with other brands, it would influence the price, too.

So, what is the price determination in 2019 to make money on YouTube? As Henry says, “the rule of thumb is that on YouTube, the price is higher because the content is more expensive to produce. For every 100.000 followers, you should charge $1.000 per post.”

Henry continued:

“On Instagram, for example, for 50.000 Instagram followers, the reasonable price is $500 per post. Often, influencers are going high, and brands are going low with the hopes of meeting in the middle.”


But let’s stick on making money on YouTube. According to Henry, the price could be from $10.000 to $25.000 per video if it is a dedicated video of a channel with 500.000 subs on YouTube. For the more specific content and if it is a good match that brand is targeting their niche, it could be much more. For example, if a brand is in a sustainability niche, the environmental brand will be happy to support it generously.


So, finding a brand that aligns with you is great. It is because your content will be genuine and you will target your niche.

This way you will promote what you love, and the audience will sense that it is natural. Building trust can make your work more fruitful, too. At one point, you wouldn’t need to spend so much time on editing. Going live and including other platforms will pay off in the end.

And if you collaborate with those like you, you can have more fun while expanding the audience.

And all of it while making money on Youtube.

Could you ask for more?

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