The best Cell Phone Tripods and Mounts

You just need a cell phone and a tripod, no need a traditional camera any more, those days have gone. Whether it’s taking high quality photos or shooting videos, the size and convenience of a cell phone makes it an easy choice for many photographers and videographers, both professionally and personally, and if you want to make steady videos, you just need tripod and a good mount. 

Recording with a Cell Phone

The ability to easily capture, share and upload content in a matter of seconds is one reason why the cell phone is often used by vloggers and YouTubers instead of a compact camera.  Much like a camera however, your iPhone, Samsung or any other cell phone, requires the use of a tripod to provide stability when capturing video footage or taking photos.

Some DIY contraptions might work well for a time, but if you want professional looking content your best bet is to invest in proper filming and photography gear. We’ve rounded up some great options that won’t break the bank; plus you can purchase them at your local Walmart or online at Amazon.

Quick View: Top Choice

After reviewing all the top picks, the best tripod and mount for cell phones is the Fotopro Flexible Tripod.

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Tripod Stands for your Cell phone

1. JOBY GorillaPod Hybrid

JOBY GorillaPod Hybrid Tripod

JOBY are Known for providing great stability, the JOBY GorillaPod Hybrid is just as tough as its name. It is made from zinc-aluminium, medical-grade ABS plastic and German TPE. In combination with the stainless steel plates, rubberized foot grips, wrappable legs and the ball head is ideal in rocky or unstable terrains since it doesn’t need a flat surface to function.

You can customize each shot thanks to the double-action adjustment knobs; it also has a separate locking mechanism. It weighs 3 pounds and can accommodate equipment of up to 2.2 pounds. 

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2. iKross Compact Mini

iKross Compact cell phone Tripod Stand

It is small, portable and lightweight, but still packs a punch. The foam legs and rubber feet offer superior grip and are very flexible, while the 360° swivel ball head allows you to shoot from any and every angle. This travel-friendly device is 9.5 inches tall, weighs 6.8 ounces and can easily fit in a backpack or purse.

The iKross mini comes equipped with its own adapter which is compatible with any cell phone of up to 5.5 inches to include most iPhone and Samsung models, and several Google Nexus, Asus, Motorola, LG, Flex and Sony devices. It often ranks high on the list of best selections due to quality and cost- effectiveness. 

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3. Accmor Rhythm Pro

Accmor Rhythm Pro cell phone monopod

One of the least complicated on the list, in terms of setup, the Accmor Rythm Pro is also distinctive; it is actually a hands-free, Bluetooth, selfie stick. There’s no need to worry about self-timers, just sync with your cell phone via Bluetooth then easily record your videos or take photos.

While it is ultra-lightweight at only 4.83 ounces, it is also durable as it’s made with hard anodized aluminium, and can extend from 12.2 to 39 inches tall.

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4. Digiant 50 inch

DIGIANT 50 Inch Aluminum Camera cell Phone Tripod

Fully equipped with a mount and carrying bag, one of the most impressive features is that this is extendable by up to 50 inches tall, and is 23 inches at its shortest. It has a 3-way pan head which allows you to switch to 90° portrait orientation, and a tilt motion pivot of up to 180°.

The accompanied mount has a sponge cushion for proper support, an adjustable screw to accommodate different cell phone size, and is made from aluminium-alloy and plastic. Another key feature is the stabilizer located between the three leg stands and the centre stand. Weighing less than a pound, the Digiant is light enough to take anywhere and can accommodate a maximum of 2.2 pounds.

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5. Fotopro flexible tripod (Top Pick)

Fotopro Flexible Tripod

There aren’t many waterproof alternatives on the market so this is an enviable feature. The adjustable ball head allows for perfect shooting and the rotating cell phone clamp allows you to capture both horizontal and vertical images and videos.

This ultra-flexible item is durable and anti-crack, and made with high-density rubber-coated legs. Affix it to your bed post, railing, or even a tree branch or pole, the Fotopro tripod can curve to fit the most unusual of places and capture different angles.

The anti-skid feature allows stability while shooting and is one of the best gears for working under rainy conditions. The attached Bluetooth remote adds an extra level of convenience. Weighing only 0.28kg and standing at 12 inches in height.

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6. Manfrotto Pixi Evo-2

Manfrotto PIXI EVO 2

This nifty little gadget is an upgrade to the Pixi mini. It has aluminium construction, can support up to 5.5 pounds and is lightweight, yet sturdy. It offers the stability and precision to shoot in landscape and portrait mode, and also has an ergonomic grip.

It has a built-in ball head, adjustable legs and leg angles that offer a 90° rotation. It supports a wide variety of devices and has a screw knob that easily attaches to any cell phone or camera.

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Mount your cell phone to a tripod properly

How to hook up your cell phone to a tripod

Once you have your tripod and mount on hand, the next step is hooking up your equipment. Even if you’re new to the world of vlogging, this part is not as hard it seems; you can DIY in a matter of minutes.

The instructions might vary depending on the type of purchase. To hook up your cell to a tripod you’ll need an adapter, as this is the gadget that holds the phone into place and is attached to the tripod itself.

The first step is attaching this connector to the tripod and putting it in the location of where you’ll be shooting. If it is extendable, make the adjustment to your desired length and lock it into place.

Then loosen the mount, slide your cell phone into the slot and adjust it to accommodate the size of your phone. Make sure that it is tight enough to prevent the cell phone from sliding out.

Cell phone tripod adapters

Cell phone tripod adapters

Unless you bought a full kit which comes equipped with the attachment needed for your setup, chances are you’ll need a mount to connect the item to your phone.  

These are sold at Walmart and other popular online stores. There are several types of adapters on the market, each with different capabilities, but we can suggest some great selections to consider.

Reticam Tripod Mount

RetiCAM Smartphone Tripod Mount

 A good one for outdoor filming and other rugged adventure since this heavy-duty clamp is made of metal, and is rust and scratch resistant.

It has a rubber pad fitted on the inside which firmly grips your cell phone in place and can be affixed to any standard tripod. For extra security the phone is then locked in its slot with an adjustable steel bolt. The Reticam tripod mount will keep your cell phone protected.

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Square Jellyfish Metal Spring Tripod Mount

Square Jellyfish Metal Spring Tripod Mount

This universal mount is an easy choice if you do a lot of filming whether at home or outdoors; position your cell phone vertically, horizontally or even upside down if you choose to.

The Square Jellyfish is a sturdy clamp with a metal body and a soft rubber on the inside to firmly yet gently hold your  cell phone into place without scratches. It is compatible with Android and Apple devices, and fits any cell phone between 2 ¼ to 3 5/8 inches wide. It has received excellent reviews on Amazon by users.

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Cell Phone holders for tripod

Not all tripods come equipped with the attachment needed to start recording. While the ultra-creative techies can do a little DIY magic to attach the phone to the item without a holder, it is certainly not an ideal setup. The best solution is to invest in a universal adapter that can easily attach to your tripod.

One recommendation is the Ztylus Z-Grip which works by simply clamping the cell phone into the required slot and adjusting the knob as needed.  Its ergonomic handle which is made from plastic allows you stability and a comfortable grip while shooting.

Ztylus Z-Grip Universal Smartphone Rig

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Another choice is the Shoulderpod S1 Smartphone Rig, and if aesthetics is important to you then you’ll appreciate the look and feel of its sleek design.

Shoulderpod S1 Professional Smartphone Rig

Touted as the first professional cell phone rig that works as an adapter, the Shoulderpod’s adjustable grip means that it can accommodate almost any cell phone. 

Built in Europe, this cell phone rig is mould-injected in a resilient polymer and also has rubber pads and machined brass inserts. Perfect for professional setups such as film-making and photography, the Shoulderpod can be fixed on a shoulder rig or even a slider, and it allows for both portrait and landscape mode.

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The Best Cell Phone tripod mount

There are very few adapters that allow a 360 degree rotation option, so that’s a major plus for the Zacro 360 Degree Rotating tripod Mount, and one of the reasons why it ranks as the best on our list. It allows you to record in portrait or landscape mode without having to take out your cell phone and repositioning it into place.

Zacro 360 Degree Rotating tripod Mount

That in itself is a convenience many are willing to pay top dollar for. However, it is actually really cheap, which is another reason this one takes precedence over the others on our list.

This is one of the best prices you’ll get online or even in one of the cheaper stores like Walmart. The Zacro 360 can easily fit your Samsung, iPhone or any other cell phone with or without a case. It is sturdy, compact and can easily fit in your purse or backpack.

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Cell phone tripods with remote

A remote option is particularly convenient because you can capture video and images several feet away from the device. The remote is often connected through Bluetooth and with the press of a button you can start and stop recording without having to run back and forth to manually adjust the device.

The UBeesize Tripod S is one such alternative and is also one of the taller options on the market at 10.6 inches. For increased stability it is made with a high-quality metal ball joint which can support even the heaviest cell phone or camera (up to 1kg) and securing it into place.

The triple legs have a non-slip design at the bottom, to allow for steady recording on any and every type of surface. The legs are also flexible yet durable; made from thick premium metal then coated with compact foam and rubber.

You can take portrait or landscape shots from up to 30 feet away with the wireless remote control. UBeesize comes with phone and GoPro adapters, an orientation adapter, remote shutter and other attachments.

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Whether it’s for personal or professional use, investing in a tripod and a proper mount doesn’t have to break the bank. As a vlogger these will always come in handy —allowing you to take sharp shots without any vibration or camera movement.

In rough terrains, low lighting situations or if you’re alone, having this equipment will make life much easier. During filming, this equipment is best used for help with stability, allows for smooth tilts and pans, and is also good for static shots.

Using a Tripod for your Cell Phone

The Zacro 360 was chosen as one of our favourite adapters due to its unique 360° rotating head. It is sturdy, yet small enough to toss in your bag and go; plus the cost-effective price is an added bonus, especially for new vloggers who don’t have the budget for expensive equipment.

It can be paired with any of the mentioned tripods included on our list such as the Gorilla Hybrid which is portable, versatile and allows for smooth, crisp videos and photos thanks to the superior grip that it provides.

You can take it virtually anywhere as it can wrap around many different structures and remain in place; certainly one of the best options for vloggers on the go!

The Top Choice

After reviewing all the top picks, my recommendation for you is the Fotopro Flexible Tripod.

Here’s why you I think the Fotopro Flexible Tripod is best.

  • Great for travelling, it’s lightweight and portable
  • Very versatile, it can connect to anything and has fully bendable legs. 
  • It’s strong, it’s made with waterproof materials and will not rust
  • It’s compatible with all DSLR and phone holders that have 1/4” apators
  • Did I point out that it was strong? Well, its legs are very durable

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