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YouTube Ranking Factors | Pro Tips

Lets highlight the Ranking factors that will affect your videos, youtube and google keep the exact ranking factors secret so that people don’t abuse the system, they try to rank based on good content. However this doesn’t stop people from testing. Here are your major ranking factors:

  • On page/video time. Amount of time viewers watch your video before clicking away.
  • Length of video
  • Number of subscribers
  • Keywords used in the opening 20 seconds
  • Keywords used during the whole video
  • Quality of video
  • Quality of sound
  • Shares on social media
  • How many websites link to your video (the more trusted the website the better, for example wikipedia.com vs nobodyknowsthiswebsite.com )
  • Upload subtitles to ensure the youtube bot knows your keywords

 Watch this Video

This is a video by Charisma on Command, they do videos on self improvement and social behaviour strategies, in the below video breaks down why Pewdiepie is so successful at keeping attention, which increases his on page time, which is a huge ranking factor, and arguably the reason he is the worlds most successful Vlogger.