Vlogging Hero Mission Statement about us

Vlogging Hero – About 

In one sentence: To build a self perpetuating community style resource for people interested in video streaming/vlogging/broadcasting

How we do that:

  • Gather tips and knowledge from high achieving influencers, to pass on to the rest of us.
  • Provide Information/reviews on equipment and software
  • Promote and support up-and-coming video influencers.
  • Provide guides to get through some of the more technical aspects to starting out
  • Find-out and provide important information on making money from your channel, because making enough to quit your job is required for you to focus on your dream instead of someone else’s.

Who is in the team? 

  • Edward Murray 
  • Ben (,our communications guy and amazing gamer, also Eddie’s Little Bro)
  • Mili (An amazing mind who loves new tech and blockchain)
  • Marko (A great writer who enjoys reviewing tech)

Ben vlogginghero

(Above) Ben – Speaking at an event to improve sporting and creative facilities for young people in the UK. Only 19YO What a little legend.

Edward Murray IMF HOST

(Above) Edward at the IMF sustainable development summit

Message from Edward

Hello everyone, my name is Ed Murray and I am the Founder of VloggingHero, I am a half Scottish, half Chilean guy and I get a buzz from being in front of the camera. I have been involved with making all kinds of videos.

I have done vlogs, acting, presenting, hosting, speech competitions, music videos, I have done a lot of stuff. I also have a huge interest in digital marketing and I’m a big fan of us all sharing that info, see below me hosting DMSS in Bali.

DMSS Digital Marketing Conference Edward Murray

Me hosting DMSS

The Turn to online fun jobs 

6 years ago I went travelling and took a break from my engineer job and made some vlog style videos, but on the journey, in a city called Medellin in Colombia, I met a group of vloggers and online entrepreneurs.

I was sitting at a dinner with 10 of these guys, I had been hanging out with them for the whole day without realising what they did for a living, until at some point they started talking about their business’.

I was captivated listening to them, my friend was translating most of it (the online biz chat),  explaining about each person what they did; they were all young happy guys, making so much money and living the lifestyle that most people dream about.

Since that day I can’t get it out of my mind, eventually and indirectly, Vlogging Hero was born.

Not only do I want this website to celebrate streaming/vlogging/broadcasting and generally following your dream, I will start to go deeper into the marketing and background skills that are important that allow people to make enough money to quit jobs they hate and pursue things they love.

Vlogging hero about

Me as Best man for this handsome guy, another online specialist,

He helps people convert more with their videos and websites – see Convertica

How we generate content

I say ‘we’ because I get help with articles, I haven’t tried all the equipment myself, and my writing skills are not always amazing, so I ask people who are in a better position to give accurate information, and also people who write better than I do.

All the content on Vlogginghero is generally planned and edited by me, I have some great people helping me create content now on their own.

I do use freelance writers to help me with articles but nothing on the site goes up without my say so. I am the one who hits the publish button.

We do try to get our hands on the kit mentioned on the site to have real experiences with them, but it is not always possible, we also rely on customer reviews and online feedback about a product from real customers.

We are heavily contacting influencer agencies to give us advice on how video influencer’s value is measured, it is really interesting and we are creating articles to pass this info on.

I want this site to be one you can trust, it is not corrupted by brand sponsorship. You can use the information here to make the best decision for yourself when it comes to buying your equipment and creating your channel.

VloggingHero, is it for you

If you resonate with the following statement then VloggingHero is for you.

    • You have a youtube/streaming/broadcasting channel or interested in starting one.
    • You would rather make videos than have a normal job.
    • You want to get more exposure from your video by understanding search engine optimisation (SEO).
    • If you are interested click here to get started.

Ed Murray
Founder and Editor of Vlogging Hero
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