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Max Collier

Dr. DisRespect Setup

Dr Disrespect has many things on his desk that helped make him a superstar. Let’s take a look at his Setup, his mouse, computer set…

Ninja Mouse and Mousepad Setup
Max Collier

Ninja mouse and mousepad

Check out the Mouse that Ninja is using at the moment, and what Mouse he was using in the past.

Summit1G Equipment Setup
Max Collier

Summit1G equipment setup

For a superb YouTube and Twitch streaming experience, you should consider looking for high quality streaming equipment. To get the best, you could try the…

Budget Friendly Webcam for Youtubers

Best Webcams for Twitch Streaming

Check out the latest and best webcams for streaming from 2019. See what all the top streamers are using in their setup, expecially…

Shroud Streaming Setup

Shroud Gaming Stream Setup

Check out the setup that shroud uses for gaming and streaming, it is not just pure talent that gets him performing at such a high level


Dedicated PC for Streaming – setup

The year is 2019 and streaming is more popular than it’s ever been — all thanks to platforms like Twitch and YouTube. Although there are…

Tfue Gaming And PC Setup

tfue gaming and pc setup

Tfue Has An Amazing Setup, His Desk Is Full Of All Sorts Of Goodies That Twitch Streamers Would Love To Get Their Hands On, Mouse, PC, Chair…

Fornite master and his settings

Ninja Fortnite Settings

There are many great Fortnite players but none that rose to success as fast as Ninja (Tyler Blevins). Lets take a look at his Fortnite…


Ninja’s Equipment Setup

Learn about the Ninja Gaming Setup in 2019, what monitor and camera Ninja uses for streaming, everything he has in his stream room.

There is definitely a correlation between top gaming streamers and having a good streaming PC setup. 
There is nothing worse than getting a huge lag when streaming the best game of your life. If your game slows and you are killed, or your viewers lose the feed and miss your glory Either way, top streamers have a dedicated PC for streaming to stop this from happening. 

Top Streamers Setups

If you are taking twitch streaming seriously then you can have a look to see what famous streamers are using, see Ninja setup, Tfue setup, Dr Disrespect setup, Shroud setup and Summit1G Setup to have a look for equipment ideas. These guys are hugely successful and their PC setup has allowed them to become stars 
If you are looking for an item in particular, for the best webcam for streaming. Then we have articles for that too. 

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