Ninja Fortnite Settings

There are many great Fortnite players but none that rose to success as fast as Ninja (Tyler Blevins). Lets take a look at his Fortnite gaming settings and find out how Ninja rose to YouTube fame. 

Ninjas Fortnite Mouse Settings

These settings are specific to Ninja’s gaming mouse. 

Mouse settings for the Logitech G502 

  • DPI = 800
  • Sensitivity X =  0.07
  • Sensitivity Y =  0.07
  • HZ =  500
  • Targeting Sensitivity =  0.6
  • Scope Sensitivity =  0.6 

This Is The Mouse We Are Talking About.

Mouse mentioned in the settings

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Ninja’s Fortnite In-Game Settings

These settings are the settings Ninja was using in fortnite when his gameplay and twitch views were at its peak in early 2018. 

  • Mouse sensitivity = 0.07
  • Controller Sensitivity =  5
  • Controller Sensitivity =  5
  • Mouse ADS Sensitivity =  0.60
  • Mouse Scope Sensitivity = 0.40
  • Controller ADS Sensitivity =  0.65
  • Controller Scope Sensitivity =  0.65
  • HUD Scale =  1.00
Tyler Blevin game configuration

Above is a screenshot of ninja sharing his settings during a game, see the video below, it is almost instantly revealed.

 Told ya!

Ninja’s Fortnite History

Black pic of Tyler Blevin

Ninja has been playing fortnite since September 2017 and has risen up above all other streamers making him one of the biggest streamers on the platform Twitch. As well as streaming on twitch he also has a successful YouTube channel with over 21 million subscribers. In fortnite, Ninja has had over 100,000 kills throughout each mode and has played over 14,000 matches. Out of those matches he has won an impressive 5,200 (accurate of when the article is being written).

The reason why ninja is so good is because he has perfected his settings throughout the time of the game being out and he has time to experiment with different settings to improve his gameplay.

For example at the start of fortnite people would not really build as much but as the game progressed more and more people were learning to build quicker and quicker and speed building became a huge part of being successful in fortnite. A huge part of ninja being successful is also other streamers of fortnite helping him.

For example when playing squads ninja needs to be able to have 3 other players who are also great at fortnite so that if he died within the game then his squad members can make sure they still win the match. Although is so good that he barely dies on fortnite as he has a 10 kill to death ratio. This means that for every death he has at least 10 kills. He also has an extreme PC to play fortnite in which helps as it means he would not have the problem of lag or packet loss within the game.

ninjas fortnite Gameplay

Tyler Blevin Game settings

He has quite a high mouse DPI meaning that the mouse has a higher sensitivity. This is a huge part of Ninja’s playing style on fortnite. Higher mouse sensitivity would help when he needs to suddenly turn as he can perfect turning on enemies to make sure he gets the kill and doesn’t get killed.

This is very important because it means he can turn instantly and he has superb accuracy within fortnite so most of his shots hit the enemy. Another reason for ninja having a high DPI for his mouse is so that he can hit trick shots with snipers.

Most of you will be familiar with what I mean by trick shot but if you are not then basically it is a type of kill normally associated with snipers and they would spin around quickly or jump off things in the game, sometimes even both of these, and they would shoot the enemy.

This is of course very difficult to do in the game and can take a lot of tries until the kill is completed. There have been many times on Ninja’s streams and videos where there will be one enemy left and him and his squad would take turns in killing the enemy by trickshotting.

Sometimes it can end with a spectacular kill, other times Ninja would end up falling off something and dying but that is where the fun is with it as you do not know what will happen while trickshotting. As well as trickshotting the last enemy Ninja also mixes this is with his typical gameplay.

This is why so many people watch him because he makes the gameplay of fortnite more exciting than any other streamer/player. He is superb at the game but also brings the element of fun into each and every one of his streams/videos.

Ninja Afterdark 

pic with cursing

Ninja also likes to separate his different streams with something called ‘afterdark streams’. Typically Ninja’s audience watching his streams would be children, however these streams are late night streams where he does not recommend that kids watch his streams.

These streams entail cursing however Ninja himself does not curse very often throughout his streams. He will turn this streaming mode on when he is  normally playing with someone he knows will curse during their time playing fortnite. Although ninja has a huge child audience he is also very popular with adult gamers as he also has a past with ESports.

Ninja Esports

ESports is competitive online gaming where players can win money from tournaments. Most games will have competitive play and many games are involved within the ESports industry. Ninja started off playing Halo 3 in 2009 for an ESports team. He played for many teams such as Cloud9, Renegades, Team Liquid and Luminosity Gaming.

However Ninja did not start streaming until 2011 when he competitively played the famous battle royale game H1Z1 then moved onto playing PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds (PUBG). Although Ninja has switched games he has stayed with Luminosity Gaming since 2017 playing Halo 3.

Tyler Blevin first place competition

After winning a PUBG invitational squads ESports match he moved onto playing fortnite in September 2017. At this time ninja had over 500,000 followers since steaming from 2011. However in 6 months he grew his follower numbers by 250%.

At the time this made him the most followed twitch streamer of all time. In March 2018, Ninja broke a twitch record for the most viewers in an independent livestream after he played fortnite with famous rappers Drake and Travis Scott and also played with famous NFL player Juju Smith-Schuster.

playing with famous people

However later in April 2018 he then broke his own record for the most viewers where he hosted an event called ‘Ninja Vegas 2018’ which was a fortnite tournament.

Here the best players around the world would try their hardest to beat ninja at fortnite and if they killed him they would automatically get money and if they won’t the overall game of fortnite they would get money. In this livestream he had an audience of around 665,000 live viewers.

Ninja Fortnite Sponsors

Fornite master and his settings

From streaming Ninja has created a huge online following that his helped him to become one of the most famous people of our time. He has had various promotions with huge companies in USA. The first deal that he made was with Red Bull in June 2018.

He also had a fortnite event in July for players to challenge him partnered with Red Bull as they were a sponsor of ESports so naturally Red Bull would look for the highest watched streamer to promote their product to a larger audience.

In late August 2018 Ninja teamed up with Samsung and the rapper Travis Scott again to advertise a new Samsung Galaxy phone that was being released. This was a huge deal as he had been in various commercials and adverts involved with Samsung.

Ninja was also the first professional ESports player to feature on the cover of ESPN. This was one of the biggest deals as no one from ESports had featured on one of the biggest sports magazines before so it was huge for not only Ninja but also ESports as a whole because it helped to spread awareness and acknowledge that ESports is one of the biggest sports of all time.

galaxy skin fortnite

It was massive for ESports to breakthrough to mainstream sports fame. As well as all of these deals he also teamed up with Astralwerks, which is a huge record label, to make his own album of electronic music that was released in December 2018.

Ninja also celebrated New Years with a huge fortnite event which he hosted in New York’s Times Square and his latest deal was featuring in the NFL’s ‘The 100 year game’ ad which aired halfway through the latest Super Bowl.

Ninja Charity

raising money twitch

Ninja has also taken huge strides in charity while playing fortnite and winning various ESports tournaments for the goal of donating to charity. Ninja has done various charity streams where he has donated amounts of over $100,000 to various charities and also ESports events that he has won and donated the winnings to charity.

One of the biggest tournaments that ninja has won was the fortnite Pro-Am event where he won $1,000,000 with the help of his duo partner and musician ‘Marshmello’ and they both donated all of the money to charity which helped massively.

Charity game of fortnite

Overall Ninja has been huge to growing ESports and raising money for charity all while playing a game that he loves and always spreading the message of positivity. He is also now one of the most famous people in the world right now and he continues to aim towards greatness and reach towards higher goals within his streaming/gaming career.

Nobody knows how far Ninja will go and as of this time he has 13 million online followers with over 400 million views on all of his content making him one of the biggest influencers ever.

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