This is the complete Tfue setup for his gaming and streaming equipment, and partially shares the glory for Tfue becoming one of the worlds most famous gaming streamers. 

Who is Tfue?

FaZe Tfue

Tfue is world famous ESports player and active member of the FaZe Clan. He has over 10 million subscribers on YouTube and is most famous for playing Fortnite Battle Royale. A combination of his engaging personality and impressive gaming skills makes Tfue a streaming Superstar.

In 2018, he broke the world record for most solo kills in Fortnite. His estimated net worth is measured in millions of dollars. Quite impressive for a 21-year-old!

As expected, Tfue has an amazing computer setup which will make any gamer envious. Let’s take a tour!

Tfue’s Equipment

In the Tfue setup, he has a separate computer for gaming and streaming, which is a norm in todays game streaming community.

An additional computer is used exclusively for streaming so that Tfue can offer the highest quality viewing experience without downgrading his Fortnite performance. It also makes things more practical. Lets check out his gaming setup first. 

Tfue Gaming Setup


Tfue setup Monitor ASUS ROG Swift PG258Q

Asus is well renowned in the gaming world for making kickass equipment. The gaming setup of Tfue includes the Swift PG258Q, a 24.5” full HD 1080p monitor. It features 1ms response time and excellent native refresh rate of 240 Hz. This makes all visuals in the Fortnite streams of Tfue look incredibly fluid and sharp.

The monitor combines a super cool frameless design with LED lighting to bring you a truly mesmerising gaming setup. On the back side, it has multiple connection options: HDMI 1.4, DisplayPort 1.2, and 2 USB 3.0 ports.

There is also game plus hotkey that will let you make enhancements in game. Smooth gameplay is guaranteed thanks to the NVidia G-SYNC, which works by removing stuttering and screen tearing. There is also a great air vent design which made the monitor remain cool for hours while I was testing it. 

Tfue setup monitor back Asus ROG Air Vent

The maximum brightness is set to 400 cd/㎡, and a contrast ratio is set to stunning 1000:1. Another reason Tfue chose this model is because it has ASUS Eye Care technology.

This makes marathon gaming much easier as it reduces eyestrain with blue light filter and also has flicker-free backlighting. Quite impressive I must say!

Add this to your setup – see price and details.

Air58 Mystic Blue

Tfue setup mouse Air58 Mystic Blue

As expected, Tfue has an absolute monster of a mouse in his setup. It weighs only 58 grams and is probably the lightest mouse on the market. On both sides, it features a lattice geometry that adds grip giving you more control without sacrificing comfort.

It just feels incredibly natural in your hand. Combine this with an excellent sensor and lightning fast input latency and you got yourself one deadly machine. You can check this out in his 20,000 dollar gaming setup – see video.

Purchase and user reviews

Glorious 3XL

Tfue Gaming Mouse Pad

If you’ve ever watched Tfue, you noticed he is really into wide mouse pads. How wide you ask?

Glorious 3XL mouse mat has dimensions of 48” x 24”x 0.12” which is monstrous but absolutely needed for his setup as Tfue uses really low DPI configuration. It is really thin and offers smoothness like no other I have encountered. Pad features non-slip rubber base that has a solid desk grip. You are never going to lose control over your movement with this baby. 

It is made out of anti-fraying stitched frame, which increases its durability tenfold. To top it all off, Glorious 3XL is completely machine washable. This is an absolute must if you are interested in the world of competitive gaming and streaming.

Purchase this for your gaming setup

Akko X Ducky One 2

Tfue keyboard

In this day and age, a good keyboard is a must in any gamer’s setup. Ducky One 2, the preferred keyboard of Tfue, is a premium, mini-sized and fully mechanical gaming keyboard. It is 60% of the size of a regular keyboard and features 61 keys.

For visual effect, you have different RGB LED lightning patterns that can mesmerize you if you pay attention but are not overstimulating. Typing on them is great thanks to the PBT seamless keycaps.

They are also double-shot, to protect from possible spilling of liquids (I am looking at you, energy drink!). Additionally, Ducky Mucro is supported, so you can fully personalize it just the way you like.

Overall, this is an excellent and incredibly durable keyboard that gives you everything you wish for, plus some things you did not know you want. Oh, the sweet power of technology! Tfue has chosen his keyboard well. 

Check out customer reviews of this keyboard

Sennheiser HD 700 Headphone

Tfue Headphone Sennheiser HD 700 Headphone

Tfue uses premium Sennheiser HD 700 headphones for his gaming setup. They feature open dynamic stereo and have intricately balanced audio.

What makes them sound so good is a combination of things: angled acoustic baffle, high-quality copper cable, and dual-material yoke. Internal damping removes all unwanted distortion, so you are left with crystal clear sound.

This is very important for gaming, as you can precisely figure the location of enemies and act accordingly. The frequency ranges from 8 to 44, 000 Hz. They are super comfortable thanks to the ultra-soft earpads, and you can wear them for hours on end. No wonder they are the preferred choice for Tfue.

Tfues headphones on Amazon

Intel Core i9-7980XE

Intel Core i9-7980XE

This ridiculously powerful processor contains an i9 extreme core, allowing Tfue high gaming performance.

You can use up to 18 cores and it handles massive files with incredible ease. Base clock speed is 2.60 GHz. It is easy to over-clock and with Turbo Boost 3.0 Technology it can skyrocket to 4.40 GHz. As this is not enough, advanced quad-channel memory support is also available. 7980XE stands proudly at the top of CPU food chain and it will be there for quite a while.

Take a closer look at the price and details

GeForce GTX 1080 TI 11GB

Tfue Graphics Card

GTX 1080 is an incredible graphics card made by Asus and it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Tfue uses it in his setup.

The combination of 11 GB of GDDRX5 memory, 11GB frame buffer, and 3584 CUDA cores delivers a truly mind-blowing performance in every single pixel. Aura Sync RGB will provide you with a vast color spectrum for some truly astonishing visuals. You will enjoy your games or streams in 5K (7680 x 4320) resolution.

The card is fully covered with die-casting for reinforcement and to protect from overheating. Dissipation area is enlarged for 40% and in return, it gives 30% cooler and 3 times quieter performance.

Durability is achieved with high-quality alloy components, they also work to prevent power loss. A perfect card ensuring Tfue has an amazing gaming experience every single time.

Check this baby out on Amazon

Rampage VI Extreme

ASUS ROG Rampage VI Extreme

Here we have the Rampage motherboard made for the 7th generation of Intel’s Core processors.

For amazing networking capabilities, it features 10G LAN and  802.11 AD WiGig Wi-Fi that is made for wireless VR. M.2 drives are mounted vertically for optimized cooling, which gives Tfue a great gaming performance.

Overclock and further cooling is always just a click away, thanks to the ASUS 5-Way optimization. Great sound is provided with FX 8-channel HD audio.

Rampage VI Extreme has durable ROG VGA holder that supports up to 33 pounds of weight. For personalization purposes, there is AURA Sync RGB lightning. This motherboard simply has everything a gamer like Tfue could need.

Check the current price

TridentZ RGB Series 32GB

TridentZ RGB Series 32GB

The setup of Tfue also features TridentZ RGB Series 4 X 8 GB of RAM. This is a DDR4 3600 model with a powerful 17-18-18-38 timing.

It is made out of premium material and has vibrant RGB LED light bar that can be customized to your liking. RAM will stay cool thanks to the efficient heat spreader design. TridentZ RGB Series is top of the line product that will easily impress you.

Check price to add this for your setup.

Intel Optane SSD 905P Series

Intel Optane SSD 905P Series

Regular hard drives are increasingly becoming a thing of past as they cannot match the performance of a solid state drive, especially for the needs of a streaming setup worthy of a pro gamer like Tfue.

Intel’s Optane SSD 905P completely cements this idea. It has 960 GB of space and is prepared to handle demanding work. It has a sequential reading speed of 2,600 and writing speed of 2,200 MB/s, which makes it one of the fastest SSD’s on the market. These specifications definitely give Tfue a serious edge over other competitors.

Check current price

Tfue Streaming Setup

For a good streaming PC setup, it is important to have high frame-rate and lowest lag possible.

Everyone who has ever watched Tfue knows his content is always of high-quality. The following setup is not as robust as his gaming one, neither does it have to be as streaming is more resource friendly. This is the Tfue setup, check it out. 

Intel Core i9-9900K

Intel Core i9-9900K

Tfue uses the Intel Core i9/9900K in his streaming setup, an 8 core / 16 thread processor. Base clock speed is set to 3.6 GHz and it can easily be overclocked to 5.00 GHz. It also features Smart Cache (16 MB) technology.

A processor is built with STIM, which is here to lower temperature under load. It is important to note that this processor is compatible exclusively with motherboards that have Intel 300 chipsets. I9-9900K is also powerful enough to be used for professional gaming by Tfue, and that tells you all you need to know.

See current price



Another addition to the Tfue setup. The GeForce GTX 1060 is a gaming card made by MSI. It has 6GB of DDR5 memory and supports directX12. Max supported resolution is 7680 x 4320 (5K) and can be used on up to 4 monitors.

It will give you absolutely smooth streaming and also features powerful 360-degree image capture. Heatsink technology will guarantee this card never overheats. GTX 1060 also supports streaming directly to NVIDIA Shield, which is excellent news for streamers such as Tfue. 

Check on Amazon


MSI PRO Series Intel 8th Gen

For his streaming setup, Tfue uses the Z370-A PRO motherboard. It supports 8th generation processors, which is important for quality streaming as it unleashes their full potential.

Turbo M.2 is here to deliver you the speed of up to 32 GB/s. DDR 4 Boost technology lets you dabble with overclocking. Great sound is provided with golden audio capacitors, without which your studio quality headphones wouldn’t do you much good.

The motherboard is made out of Military Class 6 components that provide the highest levels of durability. As you can see, this is an all-around great motherboard and another excellent choice by Tfue.

G.Skill TridentZ RGB Series 16GB

TridentZ RGB Series 32GB

Tfue uses the same RAM for his streaming setup as his gaming setup but in a smaller capacity of 16 GB. Everything else is virtually identical.

See current price



SU800 is an SSD made by ADATA. This model has 256 GB of memory and utilizes top-of-the-line 3D NAND technology. It has good reading (560 MB/s) and writing (520 MB/s) speed.

Optimized performance is achieved with a combination of DRAM Cache Buffer and Dynamic SLC Caching. Your PC will instantly be performing like new thanks to this new gear featuring TBW and DEVSLP technology. This is a great add-on for the streaming setup of Tfue and an absolute must if you are using a laptop.

Product link – to add to your streaming setup

Chair DXRacer OH/DF73/

Tfue Gaming Chair

Next on the Tfue setup list is his chair. Tfue knows you should not underestimate the power of a good gaming chair in your setup. DXRacer will keep you really comfortable and relaxed, so you can fully concentrate on gaming and streaming.

It features a headrest pillow, which works wonders for a stiff neck. The inside is made out of shaping mold material that provides amazing support.

DXRacer also has a strong metal frame to be able to support up to 200 pounds of weight. With 170 degrees of movement, the chair offers a great degree of freedom. Whether you want to play games like Tfue, or just chill while streaming, this chair has got your back.

See more details on this chair – Amazon

Webcam Logitech BRIO

Tfue Streaming Cam

Every decent streamer who looks up to Tfue needs to have a good webcam, there is just no way around this. Logitech’s BRIO brings you 4K  streaming and recording. It’s important to note that you need USB 3.0 port for 4K video. Hyper-realistic video quality is achieved through a combination of a high-quality glass lens, autofocus, and high dynamic range. 

It features a RightLight 3 technology that will automatically adjust contrast and exposure to the right level, depending on the backlighting. BRIO also has a 5X zoom option and will let you choose between 3 field-of-view perspectives (65/78/90 degrees).

It also has 2 built-in mics that can suffice but you should not rely on them completely. All in all, this beauty will surely take your streams on a whole new level, thats why it is part of Tfue’s setup.

See this webcam on Amazon

Behringer Xenyx 1204USB

Tfue mixer

To successfully construct a dual streaming setup, Tfue must use a good mixer. Aside from controlling various different volumes, a mixer can give your voice a nice subtle effect to make it sound more radio-like.

Behringer’s Xenyx 1024 USB is an excellent analog mixer that will give you plenty of headroom. High headroom is important because it means the audio signal coming out will remain crystal clear, without any unwanted distortion.

It features 3-band equalizers with which you can further modify your voice until it fits as you imagined it. There are also 4 premium compressors that are designed to be easily used by both beginners and professionals like Tfue.

High-quality sound is also achieved with the help of 4 onboard mic preamps. Free software is also included with this model, so you are ready to dive deep into streaming in no time.

Shure SM7B

Tfue Streaming Mic

No matter how good of a mixer you get, without an excellent microphone in your setup, you will be back to square one.

Shure SM7B is a high-quality cardioid dynamic microphone used by professional streamers like Tfue. It will provide you with a wide frequency range in order to reproduce speech that sounds remarkably natural and clean.

Emphasis is put on mid-range frequencies, the bass is rolloff. SM7B is designed specifically to shield against electromagnetic interferences and has shock isolation which will give you good clarity in return. It also features a premium pop filter that successfully muffles breathing sounds and also protects the mic.

A7WS detachable windscreen gives Tfue a warmer sound when talking from up close. Overall, this is a badass microphone that brings a studio quality to your setup while not being overly expensive.

See current price on Amazon

Rode PSA1

Rode PSA1

Microphone boom arm is an important part of the Tfue setup, it is a higher level professionalism and comfort. In that aspect, Rode’s PSA1 simply excels. It has a good reach (840 mm vertically and 820 mm horizontally) and can be fully rotated.

There are various attachments that will let you mount in on various surfaces. It is designed to support microphones that weigh from 1.5 to 2.4 lb, but you will need to buy shock mount separately.

We have plenty more interesting articles on streamers and equipment similar to this one on the Tfue setup, click to go to home to check them out. 

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