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We give you real easy to understand info how top YouTubers and Vloggers become stars. The cameras that will give you the best results, microphones for every situation and tips and tricks to get your YouTube status higher. ​

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Aspects of Vlogging

Order of Importance for Vlogging

Your creative ideas




Ability with Editing Software




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How to create an epic Youtube Channel, style your channel to get more followers

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Vlogging Equipment What do YouTubers Use - Follow the pros not the newbs


Tips Tricks and Accessories to help you create better vlogs  

Feature smartphone for vlogging

Be Inspired

Dont be like every other 'normal' person, don't let anyone else tell you what you CAN'T do.

This is the only time in human history where you can choose who to listen to, who to follow, choose your information... There are people out there waiting to connect with what you want to say. 

If you are still living in a boring life and have been waiting for your moment to stand out, pick up your camera and start vlogging. ​It doesn't matter who puts you down in your little urban tribe, youtube and the power of the internet you can connect with thousands who care what you have to say.

In the words of Casey Neistat, and the headline of this epic video he made this year


--- Important YouTube Update ---

YouTube has recently changed the rules on earning money on Youtube, requiring a minimum number of views before you can earn money on the site.

This is was done in attempt to stop spammers from uploading a mass number of garbage or copied videos and earning money doing it. So you have a real numeric goal to get to before you are considered a real YouTuber. 

The number of views required before YouTube starts paying you


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